Concealer for Eyes

Concealer for Eyes

Concealer - one of the most powerful "weapon" in the fight for women beautiful makeup, because thanks to this tool, you can cleverly disguise any imperfections: acne to age spots and bruises under his eyes. Due to poor lifestyle and bad environment, 90% of women have dark circles around the eyes, and concealer under the eyes - the only tool that is able to disguise their imperceptibly because of easy texture. Along with this, there is another masking agent - corrector, and it is often confused with concealer, although they differ not only field of application, but the density and texture.

What is different from the corrector concealer?

What is the concealer:

  • disguise dark circles under the eyes;
  • clarification of wrinkles;
  • darkening of facial areas for sculpting;
  • alignment of texture faces.

What is the proofreader:

  • Spot camouflage acne scars;
  • masking circles under the eyes (in a few cases, it is not an option for each day);
  • lightening age spots.

Thus, the equalizer is used in cases where concealer not cope with the problem. It is more dense and can dry skin: among cosmetologists have the opinion that it can not be applied (as opposed to the concealer) on tender areas. Concealer - a point way to address the shortcomings and concealer can be applied all over the face, because his light texture.

How to choose a concealer?

Concealers palette is rich not only in beige, but also eccentric colors: yellow, green, purple, etc. To disguise under-eye circles and not get make-up "Panda", let's look for some cases apply one or another color.

The colors of there is such a thing as color mixing, for example, to get brown, you need to mix yellow and red. Due to this property, we can neutralize the colors red, gray, brown and disadvantages in the face of other colors.

Beige concealers intended for skin texture: they are applied to the entire face surface, if necessary.

. Green concealer is used to mask the red spots: acne, scars, vascular spider veins in the eye. If this color is applied to the red, you get a solid, but if he gets on a normal skin color, it will illuminate green.

. The yellow concealer This color neutralizes blue-violet disadvantages, or more simply - the bruises. If in the morning you will discover the dark circles under the eyes, it means necessarily help them hide. It is also capable of yellow concealer to disguise veins.

. Lilac concealer This color neutralizes yellow, orange and brown spots: bruises, dark spots, freckles, birthmarks.

White concealer. It is necessary for clarification, together with gray or dark brown make-up allows you to make a sculpture when cheekbones, chin and brow area into focus, and the temporal and area under the cheekbones obscured. Also, it can be applied to dilute the other colors.

Thus, the best concealer eye - is a set of several colors, which can be useful at any time. However, there are some requirements for its texture - it should be easy (because it involves daily use), can be a pearl or glossy.

How to apply concealer?

  • It is best to choose a colored concealers in a set, and select to use
    Concealer for Eyes
    special flat brush with hard bristles. But the beige or white mother of pearl with easy to sticker brush, designed for large area deposition.
  • The direction of motion brushes should be from top to bottom, if it is left too dense layer, it is necessary to remove the other, clean with a brush or your finger.
  • Correcting the defects occur before the application of powder or foundation.

Yet, the basic rule to use concealers - carefulness and attentiveness of the substrate, as well as good lighting, because the bruises under his eyes - a trifle compared with violet or green spots on the face.

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