Waterproof mascara

Waterproof mascara

Are you going on vacation? Or simply under any circumstances want to look attractive? In this case, the extension without waterproof mascara in the creation of day or night, you do not get along.

The composition of waterproof mascara

Waterproof mascara is one difference from the usual mascara : it includes no water-sensitive elements, ie, it forms a thin film that repels any moisture (water, rain, tears, sweat). This consists of volatile ink solvents, vegetable, mineral and animal natural wax and fixing polymers (e.g., silicone).

Indispensable waterproof mascara:

  • in the snow or rain;
  • in the pool, sauna and gym;
  • at high humidity;
  • on the beach.

Despite the fact that in the waterproof mascara includes many oils, vitamins, proteins, which protect the eyelashes, it also contains dyes which often lead to allergic reactions , so to use it for those who wear contact lenses, is not recommended, because the contaminated they will than when using conventional ink.

The negative performance can be attributed to the fact that to remove it from the eyelashes you will need a special tool to remove waterproof mascara.

Choosing waterproof mascara

cosmetics market is full proposals for the sale of such carcasses. As with any cosmetic product, such mascara should comply with standards and quality standards. A good representative of this product is waterproof mascara Meybelin: Packing brush has multi-level fluff and water-repellent formula will provide you with the amount of 24 hours. It is also an excellent tool for eyelashes - waterproof mascara Max Factor. It does not stick them properly increases without spreading withstand even heavy rain.

Indeed quality is considered to be water-resistant carcass Loreal. Moreover, in its composition has unique 3D-polymers which visually make eyelashes more retaining their softness. A popular waterproof mascara Bourgeois.

Waterproof mascara
This is not surprising, because it not only saves your image throughout the day, but also correct the unevenness of each eyelashes, twirling them. Chanel Waterproof mascara is also among the most efficient and effective representatives of this category of cosmetics. With it you will be able to apply makeup accurately and smoothly extending and bending eyelashes.

Since the wash waterproof mascara only special tool, professionals in the field of cosmetology is recommended to acquire one of its brands with mascara. Thus, your lashes will get more complete care.

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