How nice to make up her eyebrows?

How nice to make up her eyebrows?

For the face and most of the emotions that are transmitted via facial expressions, eyebrows meet. Today they are, if possible, should be thick and wide as the most fashionable natural appearance. Because all women are interested in how beautiful make up eyebrows, using various types of cosmetics.

How nice to make up eyebrow shadows?

The most preferred makeup for the task considered the shadow on the right. They have a number of advantages:

  • easy to go to;
  • evenly paint over the inner surface of the eyebrows;
  • allow naturally to finish the missing length.

Moreover, it is much easier to choose the perfect shade suitable shade than a pencil. Even in the event of an error, you can mix 1-3 color cosmetic products, to achieve the most natural tone.

For the correct application of shadows need a small brush with a beveled edge. Sequencing:

  1. Comb hair.
  2. Call on a little makeup brush and evenly distribute the shade to the desired contour. You can pre-moisten lightly brush the edge of the water so that they last longer.
  3. Slowly and evenly shaded shadows across the thickness of the eyebrows. If you want to gain a little more money on a brush.
  4. Back comb the hair, remove excess shadow, if they had escaped for the circuit.
  5. By contrast, applied under the lower edge of the eyebrow bright matte shade.

How nice to make up and eyebrow pencil?

Women who do not fit or do not enjoy broad bushy eyebrows, it is better to use a pencil. In addition, this cosmetic device are all used, it allows you to create a clear and smooth line, highlight the eyes.

Here's how to make up beautifully penciled eyebrows in stages:

  1. Comb hair. Make a mark (put a small risk) at the highest point of eyebrows.
    How nice to make up her eyebrows?

  2. Short, easy and straight strokes gently draw the lower boundary of the mark.
    How nice to make up her eyebrows?

  3. Slightly tilt the pen to the side to increase the contact surface with the skin. The same movements to paint the middle of the eyebrows, at the same time outlining the top edge.
    How nice to make up her eyebrows?

  4. Process eyebrow second similarly. Proceed to the outer edge ( "tail") - carefully draw the remainder of the thin end of a pencil. If there is very little hair or no, it is better not to press hard and not spend long continuous lines, only a short and abrupt, light strokes.
    How nice to make up her eyebrows?

  5. Again, carefully comb brows, use a brush from the carcass. This will not only put the right hair, but also caused pencil shade that will add makeup natural.
    How nice to make up her eyebrows?

Importantly, the cosmetic must be chosen not in hair color, while lighter or darker shade 1. The pencil should be soft but well-sharpened.

How nice to make up paint eyebrows at home?

If you are tired every day to draw eyebrows, but you do not want to do permanent makeup (tattooing), the ideal solution is a long-term staining with a special compound.

By purchasing the paint, you need to carefully read the instructions, especially the focus on the permissible exposure time, because the final color of eyebrows depends on it.

Painting Technique:

  1. Clean the face, wipe the skin with antiseptic.
  2. Around the borders eyebrows profusely cause fat cream or Vaseline cosmetic. If you want to outline the edge of a white or light pink with a soft pencil.
  3. With a brush or sticks attached carefully paint over the hairs, a layer of the composition should be thick.
  4. Leave the selected exposure time.
  5. Remove paint cotton pad or swab dipped in water, milk or light cream. Thoroughly wash.
  6. If the composition of the skin was beyond the boundaries of the eyebrows, the paint easily removed with a solution of citric acid or a means for removing waterproof mascara.

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