How to draw an arrow?

How to draw an arrow?

One of the most difficult steps in eye make-up - arrow. Without enough experience in this delicate matter, you are unlikely to get straight draw symmetrical lines on the eyelids. So let's learn.

The arrows in the make-up of eyes

The arrows in the eye make-up - is the best way to express the opinion. Eyes arrow appear sharper. From the shape and thickness of the arrows depends on creating an image. But keep in mind that the types of arrows must be chosen, especially under the eyes form. Small eyes will not tolerate a full trace contours century. The arrow should be held only on the outer corner of the eye to the middle of the century, or carried out by one-third the length of the upper eyelid. Correct round eyes can be elongated by the arrow. Too narrow eyes easy to correct lifted above the outer area in the form of an arrow point.

But the methods of drawing the arrow is directly dependent on what to draw them. Here are some options of cosmetics, with which you can create an outline for the eyes:

  • Pencil for eyelids;
  • liquid eyeliner;
  • gel eyeliner;
  • shadow.

How to Draw an arrow with a pencil?

Before learning how to learn to draw arrows, select the pencil. Note its hardness. Too soft pencil will spread the eyelids. That loop is better to create make-up in the style of smoky eyes - it is easy to shade on the eyelids. Solid pencil require efforts to create clear lines. But he will approach drawing barely noticeable thin arrows. Ideal - medium hardness pencil. Here's how:

  1. On century we need to put a few points. Over time, this point will be missed. But at the stage of training points are needed in order to learn how to carry out smooth lines.
  2. Connect the dots in a continuous line of desired length. Depending on the make-up style, the line can take up to half a century, from the inner corner of the eye to the outside or go beyond the outer corner slightly upward or to the side.
  3. If necessary, you can draw another line on top of the previous one. So you get a clear and broad arrow.

How to draw a beautiful arrows?

Most interesting arrows are obtained by using eyeliner. The liquid or gel - the choice is yours. Gel eyeliner is more resistant. But, while you are just learning, it is necessary to try a liquid eyeliner. It is easier to be erased. Therefore, to correct carelessness and irregularities will be easier and faster.

To draw beautiful hands, you need to choose the appropriate style and form your eye arrows. And here is how to draw a straight arrow from the first time? Just look for support ...: leaning elbows arms about something sustainable. Even a slight twitching of the hands of corrupt arrow. It is not recommended to delay the eyelid badly, because a thin arrow on a stretched skin turn into a thick line when you release the eyelid. Points or little touches are still needed? Of course, the place. Combining "draft" in the full line rate result. Symmetry observed, no irregularities - congratulations! Everything worked out. In any case, the train will not interfere again. Arm also a cotton swab. It will help to correct some errors.

arrow Options:

  1. Parallel - arrows increase eye. Draw them, starting with the middle of the century. The top line is brought outside the eyelids towards the eyebrows, the lower arrow is conducted parallel to the top.
  2. The double arrows help to "open" the eyes and create the effect of sensuality. To do this, use two contrasting colors eyeliner. Dark contour is applied on line growth of eyelashes, contrast - on the edge of the dark arrows.
    How to draw an arrow?
  3. Broad Arrow is applied with a pencil or shadows along the contour of the lower and upper eyelid. It can be shaded with lines on the upper eyelid.
  4. The arrows in the style of the sixties: the bottom line is carried out smoothly, and the top - in the form of an arc, somewhat drooping corners of his eyes. Let the external corners sketched in pencil.

Now you know how to learn to paint arrows in theory. With a little practice - and you will soon be hitting all the deep and expressive eyes and pure lines of beautiful hands.

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