Makeup for blue eyes

Makeup for blue eyes

Blue eye color is quite common, and the owners of those eyes were very lucky. The fact is that to choose makeup for blue eyes is quite simple. The right makeup for blue eyes involves primarily the right choice of color shades. Once you find your own, it will emphasize the blue and the brightness of the eyes.

Here are some tips how to do makeup for a light-blue eyes, so that he looked harmonious and beautiful:

  • Try to use two or three colors, when apply makeup. Thus, the eyes will appear brighter and deeper.
  • smooth transitions will look very effectively from light to dark.
  • Try to make it lighter podbrovnogo zone. This can be done using the highlighter or pearlescent shades. This will give a fresh look.

Natural make-up for blue eyes

Natural make-up for blue eyes is best done in a bright palette of shadows. Excellent will look silvery shadows. Can cause shadows on the entire surface of the movable century. You can simply apply a neat line. Complete makeup brown contour and apply mascara, preferably brown.

For blue eyes, perfect pale pink and gold shadows. These colors visually "highlight" the eyes and make them bright and deep. Excellent make-up will look for blue eyes, if you use two or three shades and make the transitions from light to dark.

Here is a sample step by step makeup for blue eyes:

  • before applying the shadow necessarily pay attention to the skin around the eyes, as blue eyes are very light and the dark circles or redness can spoil the whole picture;
  • all the upper eyelid, apply a silvery shade, the same shade of use for the area under the eyebrows;
  • on the mobile eyelid plot the shade of lavender, the transition should be smooth;
  • draw a "checkmark" purple hue from the middle of the movable century to the outer corner of the eye, keep an eye shading, the transition was not visible;
  • if you want to do makeup brighter, you can draw the outline of a black or dark gray pencil;
  • Apply a coat of mascara to the eyelashes.

This can make a little change. Instead, try using purple or pink shades of turquoise, silver can be replaced or pearl beige color. The beauty is that blue eyes are almost all shades, you just need to correctly pick them up.

Holiday Makeup for blue eyes

You can make a bright evening a festive make-up in blue. This color will make your eyes more depth. It is important to choose the color so that it does not overlap with the natural color of the eyes, and strengthened it. Very impressive it will look makeup for blue eyes with purple shadows. You can play on the contrast of colors and pick the shade fuchsia and hot pink shade. This is somewhat boldly, but most likely, the result will please you.

Try to apply makeup in golden-purple tones. This is not an option only if the nature of the eyelids slightly swollen. How do the right makeup for blue eyes in the colors:

  • move the lower eyelid white pencil for the eyes;
  • all the mobile eyelid and the area under the eyebrows inflict golden shadows can with mother of pearl;
  • Apply gentle-lilac shade, starting from the outer corner of the eye and up towards the brow;
  • move the lower eyelid purple shadows;
  • Makeup for blue eyes
  • Apply this shade so that the area with the golden shadows was not blocked;
  • now causes more intense shade of purple on the outer corner of the eye;
  • Move the eyes with black pencil;
  • make look mysterious as possible, using false eyelashes (brown);
  • if the use of false eyelashes is not intended to apply in several layers of brown ink, black ink for blue eyes will look dramatically.

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