How to paint eyeliner?

How to paint eyeliner?

Probably, there is a woman who did not want to make your eyes charming and attractive. To achieve this there are many tricks, one of which is the ability to take beautiful eyes. And how to properly make up eye liner, and we will deal today.

How to paint eyes liquid eyeliner?

Of course, to make up the eye can be like a liquid eyeliner or pencil. But it is a liquid eyeliner we associate with languid eyes, and enjoy it more difficult, so a conversation, how to paint eyes eyeliner, start it with a liquid agent.

The advantage of using a liquid liner is considered the clarity derived lines and resistance makeup. And Disadvantages include its long drying - if accidentally blink until the eyeliner is not dried up, the line is printed on the crease century.

So how do you strike the right eye liquid liner? It is very difficult the first time to carry out a smooth clear line - hands and strive to hide shiver as soon touch the bottle of eyeliner. Therefore it is necessary to lean his elbow on a hard, flat surface - so a greater chance that the line does not get wavy. Now remove the excess funds with a brush and paint the little touches, as close to the lash line. Then gently combine these strokes thin, barely visible line - thickness it can always be added, but will not delete the excess, only to start summing eyes again. After conducting the second line. Thus it is necessary that it extends from the inner corner of the eye to the outside. Over time you will learn how to conduct a calligraphic straight line.

How to draw a pencil eye?

Use a pencil is not as hard as the liquid eyeliner. Pencil is ideal for the creation of «smoky eyes» effect. Although a sharp line with a pencil can also be created. It all depends on how acute it is sharpened. Best of all hoses, made in pencil, combined with the shadows.

To line deposited pencil held longer needed before drawing it lightly powdered eyelid mineral powder. Then gently pulls the skin of the century towards the temple, it is necessary to get a smooth line. Now draw the little touches, as close to the lash line. And then connect the line touches the desired thickness. If you need "smoky eyes", then draw a line slightly shaded, and then apply the shadow.

How to paint eyes eyeliner-liner (marker)?

Use of this liner is best suited to those who decided to take his eyes for the first time or if the make-up should be applied (correct) quickly. Since it is very easy to apply and get a clear line. However, with such a liner to obtain a bright line does not work, make-up will be released as it were translucent. What makes the use of a liner for easy perfect make-up of the youth.

To draw the eye in such a marker, you must first schedule a thin pencil line, and after a walk on her liner.

How to paint eyeliner?

How to draw the eye in view of their form?

Regardless of the make-up, eyeliner, it is necessary to take into account their form. Otherwise, even the most smooth and accurate line does not decorate your eyes.

Almond-shaped eyes can be painted like your heart's content. They emphasize the correct shape broad arrow.

Narrow your eyes need a thin line as close to the lashes. This line should be slightly expanded to the outer corner of the eye, starting from the middle of the century.

Round eyes will correctly adjust the line, starting from the middle of the century, and gradually expanding to the outer corner of the eye.

Wide-set eyes encircle starting from the inner corner of the eye. The line first wide narrows closer to the outer corner of the eye.

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