Autumn makeup

Autumn makeup

Autumn time - one of the most soft and sensual. That fall so want to tenderness and warmth last ray of the sun, they compensate for the bright colors of the leaves yellowed. Fall makeup is especially pleasing to the eye, because it is designed in a warm and cheerful tones. After a relaxing summer and colorful autumn colors in makeup naveivaet peace and comfort.

Autumn eye makeup

Autumn eye makeup is not rare to begin with camouflage yellow circles. You can use the concealer to tone lighter than the natural skin tone. It looks great powder terracotta color. For tanned skin fit powder with bronze reflective particles.

Beautiful in autumn is better without dark colors and clear lines, as it is through the use of tones and good shading can be applied to soft and spectacular makeup. Eyelashes and eyebrows, try to emphasize the smooth and subdued line. To draw the eyebrow hair is better to use the shadows, mascara and apply a brown or gray-brown. You can try to isolate the lashes darker colors: black or dark green ink, but to put it in a single layer.

Autumn eye makeup to perform better in greenish or brown colors. Perfectly suited shade marsh color. A brighter effect will create a tandem warm yellow and brown shades, or blue with brown. Try to avoid the pearlescent luster and cool colors.

Highlight your eyes and make them deeper, you can use Kaya earthy brown. Avoid black eyeliner instead it is better to take a dark brown or gray.

Choose a lipstick and powder

For "autumn" absolutely not suitable lipstick with silver or mother of pearl shades. If you want to add a bit of shine, it can only be a golden glow. Perfectly suited warm red, copper or "rusty" color lipsticks. But lipstick will focus exactly on the lips, it should be taken into account when selecting the color of shadows. If the lips are not to be the center of attention, they can make up lipstick salmon color.

When choosing blush pay attention to natural tones. Suit reddish-brown or terra cotta color. For lovers of lighter colors, you can pick up a blush of orange palette.

Makeup for autumn tsvetotipa

For "autumn" women can pick up a lot of different types of make-up from the gentle and barely noticeable to a bright and even calling. The main thing to remember the golden rule: the focus needs to be done or on the lips or eyes.

Makeup for autumn tsvetotipa involves the use of tonal resources of light and beige shades. His face "autumn" is almost always a lot of freckles. These small specks give a special charm and brightness of the owners of the fall tsvetotipa. If a woman-skinned, with make-up need to be especially careful, because any effect on the skin it will cause redness.

Autumn Makeup for green eyes

Autumn makeup

Especially effectively looks exactly fall makeup for green eyes. In this make-up the main rule is very careful shading. Eyebrow Pencil is better to choose the most natural tone, it is better to use a shade of eyebrow.

To give depth look languor and apply mascara should be in two or three layers. To make this image with strict hairstyle is not suitable. Romance - this is sounding like an option: slightly disheveled hair in the wind, or effectively braided plait. As for the shadows, there is a place for experiments. Shadows can be copper or terracotta shades of plum and chocolate. Blush face should also be warm colors, for example, the color of dried plum or rose.

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