Make-up for photo shoot

Make-up for photo shoot

Photoshoot with a professional photographer - this is something that can afford to every girl. It's worth it, because the photos stored our youth and memories. Among other things, most of us have accounts in social networks, where we love to show their best side. Therefore photos made by a professional photographer, will adorn any girl's personal page.

How to do makeup for a photo shoot?

However, it is necessary to prepare for shooting. The most important thing for a successful photo - it's the right makeup for a photo shoot. Of course, if your natural beauty so perfect that you do not use makeup, you can do without it and this time, however, in practice, this rarely happens.

In this article, we decided to combine the advice of professional make-up artists and photographers to the question of how to do makeup for a photo shoot, he decided quickly and easily. In addition, some practical advice to help you look great in the photo.

  1. Bright make-up for a photo shoot required only if it corresponds to the situation. For example, it will look perfectly in the conditions of the autumn leaf fall, in nature (poppy field), or if you are dreaming of a photo shoot in the style of the 30s.
  2. Make-up for a photo shoot on the street depends on the type of photos that you want to obtain. If this image in the style of casual (ie, urban style, namely photos on the streets), and the make-up should be a little more crowded than the one you are doing on a daily basis. If you want to get at the output is really bright images, you need to do not only the appropriate make-up, but also to dress appropriately, for example, in flying dress light green, pink or turquoise.
  3. Make-up for a photo shoot at home should be natural.
  4. Do not take pictures if you have recently heavily tanned. Better to wait until the skin slightly brighten. If you photographed a well tanned, and also make bright makeup for a photo shoot, it will add years to you.
  5. Of course, if you want to create an unusual make-up for a photo shoot, it is best to seek the assistance of professional make-up artist.
  6. Before shooting, the photographer should not plan things, a trip and negotiations, and especially to assign time for a photo shoot after a hard day's work. The camera lens has an amazing ability to catch the signs of fatigue, which will not correct any makeup for a photo shoot, so you need to be fresh and rested.
  7. For two or three days before the photo shoot a good idea to make peeling face.
  8. It is important to adjust the shape of eyebrows for a few days before the photo shoot to avoid redness and irritation.
  9. Be sure to use the powder and creams with a denser texture than usual. It is necessary to carefully conceal skin imperfections (under-eye circles, small pimples, redness, etc.).
  10. In no case do not use hair spray that contains glitter. The lens of the camera, they are similar to dandruff.
  11. If you want a black-and-white photos, it is advisable to make up for the photo shoot did not contain purple and pearl colors.
    Make-up for photo shoot

    Any photo shoot requires careful preparation, here there are no small and insignificant details. From the lens is not escape, no nuance, whether sloppy makeup, or slovenly dress undone pedicure. However, if on the eve of a photo shoot with you, for example, jumped pimple in a prominent place, or on the face, there are some defects that are hard to cover with makeup in the hands of the photographer always has a magic wand called editing. With this tool, you get rid of all the imaginary and the existing shortcomings and many years later, going through old photos, you'll be proud of yourself.

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