How to make your eyes more?

How to make your eyes more?

Large, wide open, inviting whirlpool eyes - a source of pride and some girls burning envy of others. What if the nature of your "mirror of the soul" is not as large as we would like? Or not satisfied with the Asian section of the eye? Can I make small eyes big and how? This will be discussed in our article.

How to make eyes more with makeup?

The best helpers in this matter will be eyeliner, eye shadow and light shades of ink volume. But before you try to make eye visually more due to makeup, pay attention to the eyebrows. It is necessary to give them a neat shape, pull out excess hair on the bottom edge of the eyebrows, is sometimes lengthened tail. The elegant curve of the eyebrows correctly modeled the effect of wide-open eyes, and applying a highlighter directly underneath the eyebrow amplifies it. Now let's look at how to visually make eyes more with the creation of daily makeup.

? Eyeliner or pencil may be used and that, and another, the main thing - correctly. Most makeup artists recommend to sum up the upper eyelid with a pencil, leaving a soft shade the line as close to the lashes. Color pencil selected depending on the eye color: light chocolate, gray, violet, marsh, but not black. If you use a liner, keep in mind that the line should be fine to start from the center of the eye and extend slightly beyond the outer corner of his delicate arrow. Lower eyelid are advised to bring a white or very light pencil pearlescent, as it helps to make the effect of big eyes and give them a shine.

Shadows. They should be unsaturated, calm tones. Apply on the entire eyelid basic tone pastel color, and then make a barely noticeable accent at the outer corner of the eye a little brighter, blend well. The space at the inner corner of the eye and under the brow cover the lightest shade or highlighter. The color palette is not necessary to dwell on universal beige colors, experiment with blue, pink, lilac. For example, how to make green eyes longer using the shadows? With beautiful shades: mint, gray-green, khaki, coffee with milk.

How to make your eyes more?

Mascara. It is better to choose a mascara black curls as upturned eyelashes help to make your eyes visually bigger. You can rootstock eyelashes tweezers. It is also good volume mascara, giving the look and dramatic expressiveness. Cut eye will appear larger if you stick to the outside corner a few overhead cilia.

Even more possibilities open to you the evening, a festive make-up, the question here is how to make the eyes more than a lot of answers. Bright shadows, bold eyeliner upper and lower eyelids, the arrows make it easy to "draw" the desired shape of the eyes in any technique (eastern, smoky eyes, "cat's eyes" or "doe eyes").

How to make eyes bigger through exercise?

Surely you've heard of a facelift - gymnastics for muscles of the face, which gives an excellent anti-aging effect. So, it turns out, there are specific exercises, how to make small eyes big. By training and improving the tone of the century, it is really to ensure that the eyebrows are raised slightly fade under-eye bags, crow's feet are smoothed, the liveliness and sparkle appears in her eyes. Not surprisingly, they visually appear larger.

Exercise is fairly simple. Dilute the index and middle fingers the letter V, and attach them to the face so that the pads of the middle fingers are on the bridge of the nose, and index - near the outer corners of the eyes. Push your lower eyelid, if you want to pick it up, and you should feel tense and pulsating external muscles around the eyes. Repeat the exercise 10 times, tensing and relaxing the muscles for a few seconds. And now try to close my eyes and straining muscles as well, to count up to 40. Repeat this simple exercises in the morning and evening, and soon will be surprised how you could make your eyes visually bigger.

How to make large eyes narrow: the experience of Plastic Surgeons

In Japan and Korea operations section Europeanization eyes are very popular. Carry them in Russia, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries, where surgeons have accumulated considerable experience in how to make brown Asian eyes more.

How to make your eyes more?
Such operations have received a separate name "Singapore". It used primarily to create blepharoplasty upper eyelid folds, which makes eyes widened.

Among the owners of a European-style appearance demanded by the upper eyelid blepharoplasty is to remove the overhanging skin and lower to remove bags under the eyes. Less commonly used kantoplastika - change eye shape by adjusting the outer corner of the eye.

Of course, plastic correction of eye shape - the most radical method of increasing the eye. But the ligaments of human age is very complicated and fragile, and go under the surgeon's knife is only for serious reasons to do so.

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