Makeup with red lipstick

Makeup with red lipstick

Bright and juicy lips - it's always a challenge to society and non-verbal signal for the men. There is nothing sexier than red lipstick. Though this is certainly a winning choice for every woman, dare him to do so much more. Let's talk about how to lipstick red lipstick and does not create a vulgar way.

Suitable for red lipstick?

Clearly, only a brave and willing to draw the attention of the girls. The main rule: red lipstick looks good only in the case if the facial skin is flawless. Several layers of foundation is not correct the situation, first Achieve perfect skin, and then try to trim the scarlet lipstick. Second rule: learn to care for lips. Red lipstick on chapped lips looks just awful. Otherwise there are no restrictions. Its shade of red can pick up the blonde and the brunette, brown-haired and holders of red hair.

How to choose a red lipstick?

Before you learn how to pick up the red lipstick, carefully inspect your reflection in the mirror. So understand, interested in red lipstick:

1. Look to the shade of your skin:

  • Skin owners of a warm shade of lipstick suit on yellow. Pay attention to the coral and brick color;
  • cold tsvetotipa suitable shades of red lipstick with blue overtones. Your shades of red and pink, you can try the classic red.

2. Observe the color of hair:

  • If you are blonde, look for a bright and warm tones of red;
  • for brunettes are ideal cooler and saturated;
  • but the owners of red hair make-up suit with red lipstick orange shades.

3. You can choose a red lipstick in the color of the eyes:

  • for owners of gray and blue eyes fit lipstick with pink pigment;
  • red shades as close to the classic red, go up to girls with brown or very dark eyes.

How to apply red lipstick?

Like lipstick red lipstick, that it looked impressive, but the image does not look vulgar? There are a few tricks of its application:

  • to bring a little make-up lips in order: make a gentle massage with a toothbrush - so removes all dead cells, then apply lip balm;
  • circle the lip contour. With it you can adjust the shape and slightly increase the lips;
  • in applying red lipstick is very important accuracy, so it is best to use a special brush;
  • Makeup with red lipstick
  • the first layer of cloth, and be sure to blot powder the lips, then apply a second coat of lipstick. Thus makeup with red lipstick will last longer and will be more complete;
  • the center of the upper and lower lips can cause a bit of clear gloss, this is especially true if you choose a matte lipstick.

The image of a red lipstick

With such bright lipstick image you need to think very carefully. Red must be duplicated in the clothing or jewelry, you can get a red handbag. Pay special attention to manicure. nail color can be only in the tone of lipstick, an exception is made only for the classic French manicure. Eyes should be the most natural, and the skin - perfect. You can use ink and only slightly to bring the eye contour. If the evening I want to draw attention to the eyes, but do not give up red lipstick, make-up should be done in the dark and earthy tones. No colored shadows. It is enough to take a clear eye and a thick arrow to paint eyelashes.

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