False eyelashes, how to use?

False eyelashes, how to use?

And that just does not come women to give their view of expressiveness and charm. And come up with ways of applying makeup and eyelashes are increasing. Some, fearing a difficult build-up procedures, prefer to use false eyelashes. Here's how to use them properly, and how to choose a false eyelashes, we will disassemble.

How to choose a false eyelashes?

  1. Currently, there are a variety of false eyelashes. Therefore, you must first decide on the style and shape of cilia. If you have a large facial features, the false eyelashes can make your face doll, lifeless. Therefore it is better to use false eyelashes are not solid, and beams.
  2. It is important to choose the right color of false eyelashes. So they looked the most natural, the color should be darker cilia own one tone. But we should take into account the time at which you want to use them. So for daytime use of suitable dark brown lashes, but for a night out, it is better to take the lashes in black.
  3. With regard to length, then it is necessary to proceed from what kind of effect you want. If you want to naturalness, then the overhead cilia length should be in harmony with the length of their own. If there is a desire to make a deliberate cinematic image, it is possible to get a thick, long eyelashes, and even multi-colored.
  4. Another is to pay attention to the material from which made false eyelashes. Of course, to make them not only used natural hair, but also synthetic materials. With lashes of the last to be more cautious, as synthetics in contact with the eye may cause irritation. Most of all, appreciated the lashes of silk or mink, particularly if they are handmade. Masters say that with proper care (no coloring ink and a processing) such cilia can last quite a long time - up to 30 uses.

How to use fake eyelashes?

Before you understand how to use false eyelashes, you need to make sure that everything you need for this procedure you have. So, except the eyelashes need a special adhesive, a thin wooden stick (can be a toothpick), tweezers, and, preferably, eyelash curlers.

  1. Wash your face, try on false eyelashes if you want to prune them.
  2. Grease the base of artificial eyelashes with special glue and give it a little dry. If you want to carry a long cilia or afraid of irritation, then paid to the choice of glue for false eyelashes special attention on the quality of it is better not to save.
  3. Using tweezers are putting the cilia to the upper eyelid from the outer corner of the eye. Cilia slightly pressed with a wooden stick. The hairs at the same time slightly raises and
    False eyelashes, how to use?
    the guide pin. It is important not to confuse the lashes to the right and left eyes. Glue the lashes as close to your own.
  4. Now curlers carefully dokruchivaem soy eyelashes together with patch. Done, you can begin to make-up.

How to use fake eyelashes beams?

False eyelashes beams require a special approach, and therefore how to use them will be disassembled separately.

  1. Before gluing eyelashes beams also need to wash to degrease the skin of eyelids, too, need to apply adhesive on the beam base and allow it to dry. But beyond the differences begin.
  2. Bunches eyelashes pasted between natural lashes - so they would look natural. We press the bundles of cilia to century as a toothpick.
  3. After gluing eyelashes to gently draw the eye to make inconspicuous spot gluing eyelashes.

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