Smoky eye makeup

Smoky eye makeup

This makeup is not one year relevant and popular among women of all ages and types. This make-up, which gives any image of mystery and at the same time elegance. smoky make-up technique allows us to look sexy and eye - mysterious and vivid. Smoky eye makeup can be used for both day and evening for the image. The only difference in the shades used.

How to make a smoky eye makeup?

This makeover involves very carefully shade shadow. You can use an eye liner. Mascara is applied in several layers. A careful shading shadows ensures neat and imperceptible transitions from one color to another. It's important to select a combination of different shades, it ensures beautiful color play. For daytime version is best to use light shades of shadows: a variety of pastel, olive or golden. Evening make-up allows you to put a juicy and deep colors: different shades of gray, brown and even black.

Step by step description of how to make a smoky makeup:

  • Before you make a smoky eye makeup, you need to prepare your skin properly. Apply to the area around the eye correcting means. It is particularly important to refresh and align the color of the skin under the eyes dark circles to owners. For coating quality, and distribution of shadows on the surface to be applied century movable base under special shade. This will prevent the shadows slide and prevent dirt effects on the eyes.
  • Get eyeliner most soft structure. If you are a daily make-up, or just want to make it soft pencil color should be chosen in the color of your eyebrows. Black or dark gray pencils are used to perform more aggressive makeup. Draw a pencil shape of the eye, at the same time try to give the almond-shaped.
  • Now the pencil must be very carefully shade.
  • To perform the make-up should not use more than three colors of shadows. Under eyebrow put lighter shades, and on the mobile eyelid and outer corner of the eyes - darker. Shadow shade should be no less carefully than the pencil.
  • After applying the shadows need to apply two or three coats of mascara.
  • In order not to overload the image, lips and rouge should only emphasize the eyes, but do not compete with them.

Smoky makeup for blue eyes

Smoky eye makeup

For blue eyes smoky makeup necessary to comply with the principle of "better" under "rather than" re ". You can easily choose from a golden, pale pink tones. You can use lavender shades. For evening make-up, try to put more saturated colors: purple, bright blue shades, but everything in moderation. These shades will help to make the color of the eyes a little brighter and do look attractive. If we add to the basic colors of black shadows and little good to shade them, the image will not leave anyone indifferent.

Smoky makeup for green eyes

Owners of green voice have a huge advantage: they are almost all shades. Very impressive looks make-up in brown and chocolate tones. The combination of gold, green and brown will make a deep and mysterious look. Juicy shades of purple very effectively emphasize the green and make it brighter. If you are not afraid to experiment, try orange or copper shades. This contrast is very strongly highlight the eyes and emphasize their greens. For daytime makeup use olive, beige color. In smoky makeup green eyes so many options that you can choose your only through experimentation.

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