How to determine the type of person?

How to determine the type of person?

"I wonder what my type of person?" - This idea sooner or later visits each of us. And it is not only interesting, but just need to devote few minutes determining the type of individual. How else to follow the recommendations of the make-up artists and hairdressers, who are their tips begin with the phrase: "If you have a certain type of person, then ..."? But how to correctly identify this same type for some reason they do not tell. But then we spend time in front of a mirror, tormented question, "What is my type of person, how to define it?".

If you have enough developed imagination, you can just stand in front of the mirror and choose the geometric shape, which is similar to the oval of your face. But frequent face shape, do not fit into the geometric definition, and to know the names of classic facial types also will not be superfluous. After all, experts on makeup and hair by them operate more often.

Determining the type of person

In total there are 7 types facial contours: round, oval, rectangular (oblong), square, "diamond", "heart", "triangle". To get the answer to the question, how do you know what my type of person, armed with a large (the entire face and neck should fit in it), a mirror, a ruler and a couple minutes of time. To make it less opportunity to get lost among the varieties of facial types, narrow the range of search to 2-3 categories. To do this will need to pass a little test, follow the below points.

  1. Comb all the hair so that the face was completely open.
  2. Measure the length of the face from the hairline on the forehead to the tip of the chin.
  3. The resulting value is divided by 3, remember this result - the value of A.
  4. Measure the distance from the tip of the chin to the base of the nose, the value B.
  5. Now compare the two values. If:
How to determine the type of person?
  • A> B, then your face will likely square or rectangular;
  • A <B, then your face is shaped "diamond", "triangle" or you are the owner of a round face;
  • A = B, the shape of your face is likely to "heart" or oval.

Now that you have decided on the category to which the your face, left to read the description of the types of facial contours, corresponding to the results. Not necessarily coincide exactly all the features, but your form will be the one with which there is the highest number of matches.

Characteristic facial types

Round: face width is approximately equal to its length, and the widest part is the cheek. The facial features are smooth and soft.

Oval: face length is equal to 1.5 of its width, the facial features perfectly balanced and smooth.

Square: the width of the cheekbones and forehead is approximately equal to the width of the chin, the facial features are sharper and clearly defined.

[img=|How to determine the type of person?][/img]

"Diamond": high cheekbones and temples, narrow and low forehead, pointed chin.

Rectangular (extended): whiskey and chin are about on the same line. Type in general, similar to the square, but this length is much larger face width.

"Heart": the face tapers to a sharp chin, but in contrast to the type of person "diamond" and the forehead and cheekbones are wide, roughly the same size.

"Triangle": a narrow forehead, his face gradually extends to the chin.

Well, the type of your face now you know, and therefore, can correctly make their appearance to be more attractive. And do not pay attention to the statements that the ideal type of person is oval. Yes, make-up artists and hairdressers really consider it as such, but only because with such a person the easiest to work with. In fact, no ideals do not exist, and you can look attractive with any face shape. Do not believe me? What do you think, what kind of a person in a recognized beauty Angelina Jolie, try to determine. Is Oval? And here and there, the shape of the faces of this beauty square. So less agony over someone else's ideals of non-compliance.

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