Rules applying makeup

Rules applying makeup

Makeup - an insidious thing - it can, how to decorate the girl and add to it a harmonious way, and to add age and spoil the overall impression. But with just a few strokes of the brush, you can create the perfect face, and ensure the correct application of "invisible" effect of clean skin. And guided by just a few basic rules applying makeup, any of which can create a professional make-up, emphasizing only the best aspects of appearance.

Regulations concerning good makeup

  1. The skin should be clean and moisturized. Wash using a cleanser for the face and apply to the skin a nice moisturizer. Give him a little soak and remove the remains of a napkin.
  2. Tonal means should be most suitable for your skin tone, or be a little lighter - it's refreshing. With its help it is possible to mask minor flaws on your face, or you can use a thicker consistency for the equalizer. To make-up last longer, fix the foundation with a thin layer crumbly powder.
  3. If the skin tone equalization funds face lost sculptural and like a white sheet, emphasize its natural shade. Dark blush or bronzatom swipe the line of hair growth in the forehead, cheekbones Draw, wings of the nose and blend tool in the neck area. More light powder (highlighter - with reflective elements), add radiance to your skin - Apply the product to the area under the eyes and a dimple in his chin and the center of the forehead.
  4. To make the density of your lashes is not necessary to apply several layers of mascara over the entire length - just add color to the roots. Curling eyelashes also gives out a visual volume and fluffy, not to mention the length.
  5. If the eyes - a mirror of the soul, then the eyebrows - their frame, which we should not forget! If your eyebrows are naughty, try a special gel for styling eyebrows. If desired, it can be easily replaced conventional gel or styling balm. Stained brow better with the help of shadows and small beveled brush. If you prefer a pencil, draw the strokes - so the eyebrows will look more natural.

Rules applying make-up day

  1. The main and most important rule is: day makeup should be natural. Although nude person in a fashion that season already, make discreet make-up - an art that must seize any girl.
  2. Day Strive not with makeup. If you think that the number of such funds to make-up your face like a mask, then sprinkle with its thermal water blend - this should help.
  3. The daily makeup welcome gentle, bright colors - pick up a soft tone, sounding like the most to your eyes and hair color. In most cases, beige - a win-win. It is also believed that the matte shadows look more expensive than the shiny, especially in the light of the day. We believe that this question is rather a matter of individual taste.
  4. As for the lip make-up during the day, then there is no strict rules as to the date, the same red lipstick can be the soloist during the day and evening. But all in make-up nude in the style of a preferred light colors, almost coinciding with the natural color of your lips.

Rules for execution of a perfect evening make-up

The evening allows you to play with paints, the make-up more mellow and passionate. However, this does not mean that it is difficult to design!

  1. The most important rule of the evening eye makeup and gu6 even in holiday the emphasis should be on one. Otherwise there is a risk of creating not spectacular, and the vulgar make-up.
  2. Doing make-up, remember the event where you are going to present. Option mimicking almost every - this smoky eyes. It will change the original usually black and execute the make-up in other shades.
    Rules applying makeup
  3. Trying red lipstick, every woman feels confident that actively attracts male attention. And to lipstick kept longer draws the contour of the lips before applying it (pencil should be in the tone of lipstick), apply layers of brush after the first blot lips with a napkin, and powder the nakraste second.

Rules applying age makeup

When it comes to wrinkles, the main task - to make them as small as possible and unobtrusively. To do this, try to lighten and darken all the hollow swelling, but make sure that the person did not look like a leopard color. Use light liquid detergents that do not aggravate the skin and apply them from the bottom up. And remember the basic rule of ideal makeup: the careful shading - our all.

We wish you to be perfectly beautiful and attractive!

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