Boric alcohol acne

Boric alcohol acne

It so happens that deal with acne can not even the most expensive cosmetics. In this case, it makes sense to resort to drugstore products. Do not rush immediately to buy an expensive lotion and serum, it is very likely that the usual boric alcohol for acne help much faster.

Learning to use boric face alcohol

The skin on the face require special care, because she has more frequent contact with the environment. That is why the acid for the treatment of acne and acne on the face may be used during the cold season, when the sun is not as active as in summer.

Boric alcohol is effective against acne is because the acid in its composition. In fact, the tool is a 3% boric acid solution in the rubbing alcohol. Due to the fact that the acid acts as a peeling , eroding the upper layer of the skin and triggering the regeneration process, the person is gradually purified and pimples go away. But this aggressive tool, it has a number of features:

  1. It is best to wipe clean face with a cotton pad moistened with boric alcohol before bedtime.
  2. If dilute boric alcohol with camomile broth in a ratio of one to one, the treatment effect will be more visible.
  3. If you want to use boric alcohol in its pure form, do not forget to use immediately after moisturizer and before going out to use sunscreen cosmetics.
  4. Be prepared for the fact that immediately after the start of the use of acne becomes more. Their numbers will start to decline after the first week and gradually face thoroughly cleansed.
  5. Owners of dry skin to resort to this method is not recommended, because alcohol makes the skin even drier.
  6. It is not necessary to use boric acid on his face. If you apply it to the pimple every dot, you can speed up the ripening process and wound several times.
The boric alcohol useful for the skin of the body?

Since the skin of the body is usually thicker than the skin of the face, besides most of the year protected from aggressive environmental influences clothing, boric alcohol from acne and pimples on the body better

Boric alcohol acne
best used in pure form. Wipe with alcohol problem areas immediately after a shower. At the end of the procedure, wait a few minutes before putting on clothes. Boric alcohol is good because it gives a long lasting effect. After the pimples and acne disappear completely, daily use should be discontinued, but for prevention can be cleaned with alcohol neck and back every few weeks.

At the pharmacy you can buy a few tools that will help make the skin of the face and body ideal. It salicylic alcohol, chloramphenicol, boric alcohol. Prepare mash of these components and use it as a lotion. The effect is not long to wait!

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