Gel Kuriozin

Gel Kuriozin

Gel Kuriozin - medication for external use for the treatment of various forms of acne. Numerous reviews on the use of this tool suggest that it is a very effective and fast. There are also positive feedback on the application of the gel Kuriozin not only for acne but also from wrinkles.

Gel Composition Kuriozin

Kuriozin is a colorless, transparent gel, virtually odorless. Its composition is unique, and is currently Kuriozin gel is unique. The main active ingredients of the drug are:

  • zinc hyaluronate;
  • zinc chloride.

As auxiliaries in a preparation containing:

  • water for injections;
  • potassium sorbate;
  • sodium hydroxide;
  • carbomer.

Gel Kuriozin - indications for use

First Kuriozin gel is recommended for use in the treatment of comedones and papulopustular acne. It can be used for the prevention of recurrence of acne, making the rash will occur less frequently and with less severity. In addition, the drug promotes the formation of subtle scarring after the disappearance of the deep acne scars, and resorption of existing scar. Therefore Kuriozin gel is used on scars .

Action of the gel on the skin Kuriozin

Hyaluronate (hyaluronic acid), which is part of Kuriozin is an important structural element of the skin. In structure this material relates to polysaccharides. It is one of the main elements of the extracellular matrix of connective tissues. Due to its high hydrophilicity hyaluronate helps maintain the normal moisture balance of the skin cells and tissues reduces the level of fluid loss. Besides intensive moisturizing properties, hyaluronic acid has also regenerating, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Zinc, which is part of Kuriozin, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and wound-healing effect. Zinc also takes an active part in the process of renewal of skin cells, the formation of collagen fibers.

Thus, the regular use helps Kuriozin:

  • decrease activity of the sebaceous glands;
  • reduction in the frequency and severity of acne relapses;
  • Scar reduction of risk;
  • maintaining the natural moisture of the skin;
  • increase skin elasticity;
  • redness removal.

This Kuriozin well tolerated hypersensitive skin, it does not affect the skin's sensitivity to UV and goes well with any means for the skin.

How to apply Kuriozin acne?

The gel should be applied morning and evening on clean skin with a thin layer. In the case of single lesions Kuriozin only be applied to the affected area. The drug is quickly absorbed without leaving a greasy film. Kuriozin gel can be used without restriction for a long time.

The use of gel Kuriozin wrinkle

Gel Kuriozin

In addition to the treatment of acne, Kuriozin often used by women to get rid of the signs of skin aging . This is due to high content of hyaluronic acid in the preparation, which, as is known, is part of many cosmetic agents for skin aging. Therefore, the gel Kuriozin recommend the use of facial and other types of wrinkles even beauticians.

Kuriozin this purpose can be applied to the face twice a day after cleansing. It can be used as a single agent or mixed with a face cream that you use every day.

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