Mummy Face

Mummy Face

Shilajit - the mysterious substance. For many, his name is still associated exclusively with a curse, and only a few know that in fact the mummy - a means, surprisingly useful for the whole body and skin in particular.

How can I use the mummy for the face and body?

On the origin of funds, there are many hypotheses, but it is assumed that the mummy - a mountain gum, which is extracted in the rocks. Buy mummy today can be virtually any pharmacy. On sale is a means of tablets with different impurities and natural viscous consistency. A viscous, free from additives and impurities, mummy - the most useful.

This drug with a funny name is really versatile. Applying mummy could in different ways:

  1. Most often used for the mummy face. The tool can be used as a basis for masks, creams, ointments - it rejuvenates and nourishes the skin.
  2. A beneficial effect on the body bath with mummy. For procedures need hot water with dissolved mummy (five grams per hundred milliliters of liquid). The rejuvenating bath you need to lie down for half an hour, after which the water is not drained, and provide a means to infuse. In the morning, adding a little boiling water, it is recommended to repeat the procedure.
  3. Shilajit is often used even in medicine - in the mountains there are resin components that help to cope with the consequences of radiation sickness, cure diabetes and hepatitis.
  4. Among other things, it can be very helpful mummy of scars, acne scars on his face. Some of the most effective recipes we present below.
  5. Use mummy in food contributes to weight loss. While the mummy-diet should be taken for substances gram twice a day before meals. The course is recommended to continue for twenty days.

Many cosmetologists in one voice declare that the mummy will handicap any professional creams. At the same time prepare cosmetic products based on the mummy as possible, even placing a very modest budget.

Most popular mummy mask for the face

We have already mentioned that the mummy - a universal remedy. And his versatility is manifested in everything: the mummy for recovery of the whole organism, and the mask on the basis of the resin can be applied to the skin absolutely any type:

  1. For universal masks handy teaspoon cream (any you have regular), fragmented tablet mummy (this recipe facial mask accepts pills) and purified water (a teaspoon). All components need to mix and apply on face for twenty minutes.
  2. For oily and combination skin fits the mask of the mummy pounded tablets with milk and protein. A couple of tablets you need to grind into a powder and mix with a tablespoon of milk and well beaten egg white. Those who do not have allergies, can also add a mask of a teaspoon of honey. This mummy mask for the face is done once a week. Apply it for twenty minutes.
    Mummy Face
  3. The mask for dry skin is prepared similarly: Couple mummy tablets powder mixed with milk, egg yolk and a teaspoon of honey (if not allergic to it). Making a mask is recommended to regularly - once every ten days.

Cosmetologists also recommend the use of a mummy face cream, get rid of acne scars. For these purposes it is better to buy a white mummy. Powder and water should be mixed in proportions of 03/01, respectively. The resulting mixture is applied to problem areas, rubbing in a circular motion. A positive result will be noticeable after two or three treatments: the skin condition improves, scars and scarring (though even the old) will begin to gradually descend.

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