Differin - analogues

Differin - analogues

One of the most popular drugs used to treat and prevent acne and comedones - Differin. However, analogs of the drug is also very often buy for controlling inflammation in the skin layers, since they less effectively destroying acne and sebaceous glands purified.

The analogue Differin - Klenzit

Klenzit - cheap analog Differin. As the active ingredient of these gels comprise the same himsoedinenie - adapalene. Klenzit komedonoliticheskoy possesses anti-inflammatory activity and, therefore, capable of:

  • normalize the processes of keratinization;
  • reduce the intensity of the inflammatory process in the skin;
  • prevent microcomedo;
  • clean the ducts of the sebaceous glands.

Klenzit used only externally, but it is strictly forbidden to apply to the skin, if its integrity is damaged. To eliminate this acne gel is necessary to pass the course of treatment, the duration of which is 4 to 8 weeks.

To say that it is better Klenzit or Differin, is quite difficult, since the difference between these drugs only production technology and price. The choice is only for patients who in the case of failure of one of the drugs without fear can replace it with another.

The analogue Differin - Baziron

Baziron is an analogue of Differin Gel, despite the fact that the composition of these drugs is completely different. The main active ingredient of this agent is not adapalene and peroxide, but it also has a marked antimicrobial activity and normalizes formation in the sebaceous gland secretions. After its application the skin is flat, smooth and redness disappears.

To learn that it is better to buy - or Differin Baziron, talk with your doctor, as the drug may be based on the cause of acne, because action on the inflammatory mechanism of their fundamentally different. So, Baziron is ideal for those who do not have a rash hormonal causes, ie arise against stress, depression, gastrointestinal diseases or inadequate hygiene, because it, destroying the bacteria, removes the outer form of acne. But thanks to Differin active substances in its composition, and effectively treats acne, and blackheads, which appeared as a result of hormonal imbalances and failures, because it reduces the production of sebum, improves the supply of oxygen and reduces the number of scales in the stratum corneum.

Other effective analogs Differin

Many people, when faced with acne on the skin, mistakenly believe that instead of Differin can use any ointments and gels that have antimicrobial activity. In fact, agents used to treat acne, Skinoren example, are not always analogous Differin. The drugs belong to the same farmogruppe with this drug, which have approximately the same curative effect, and in addition Baziron Klenzita, considered only:

  • Videstim ointment;
  • Differin - analogues
  • Effezel gel;
  • Gel Izotreksin ;
  • Retinoic ointment;
  • Radevit ointment;
  • Retasol solution;
  • Adapalene gel;
  • Adolat gel;
  • Adaklin cream.

Use cream analogue is necessary for those who have very thin skin, delicate and prone to the emergence of allergic reactions or irritations. But Differin gel analogue best used for people with a sufficiently thick and oily skin. But it's best to choose a drug with a doctor, based on the condition of the skin and the intensity of rashes. Thus, you eliminate the likelihood of redness, peeling, dryness, or burning sensations.

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