5 myths about hormonal cream

5 myths about hormonal cream

Skin diseases infectious nature, such as atopic dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis and a variety of allergic reactions - a frequent phenomenon. To date, the practice of medicine generally accepted standard of care for these diseases are considered special ointments, creams, gels and lotions containing glucocorticoids. Around the appropriateness of continuing disputes these drugs are conducted, as well as an increasing number of negative statements about the efficacy and safety of this therapy.

Myth 1: in hormonal creams contain harmful chemicals

Covered drugs are made on the basis of synthetic glucocorticoids. These components are completely safe analogs of hormones that are produced by the cortex of the adrenal glands in the body of each person and is responsible for normal carbohydrate, mineral, lipid metabolism. In addition, glucocorticoids control the development of inflammatory processes, prevent allergic reactions of the skin and eliminate swelling with unwanted local reaction of immune cells.

Myth 2: in all such vehicles is very high concentration of hormones

Given that the non-infectious skin disease in most susceptible children viewed medication drugs are developed with different concentrations and types of active ingredients. They are divided into 4 groups according to the type of activity:

  • weak;
  • moderate;
  • high;
  • very high.

In addition, each subgroup is distinguished not only by the number of glucocorticoid hormones, but also their variety. Therefore, depending on the disease, the nature of its course, the age and condition of the patient, it is possible to find a suitable cream with the desired concentration of active components.

Myth 3: using hormonal creams can cure any skin disease

A frequent cause of unwanted side effects is a local self-medication in this group. Keep in mind that hormonal creams and ointments used for the treatment of non-infectious skin diseases only, can not be used in viral diseases, lesions caused by microbes. Furthermore, glucocorticoid drugs can worsen some diseases, for example, exacerbate acne, demodicosis and abrasions.

Myth 4: The appropriate hormonal cream can be used as much as necessary

Even if the local drug was picked up by a qualified technician and is very good, it can only be used within the doctor's prescription only time that has been determined, it is usually 10-14 days. The fact that the use of hormone for too long cream has the following consequences:

  • suppression of local immunity of the skin;
  • infection in field emergence treatment;
  • inhibition of collagen production;
  • thinning, atrophy of the skin in the fields of application;
  • the formation of age spots .

Moreover, the skin gradually develops addiction to hormonal creams and in the case of abrupt withdrawal of the drug may worsen the disease, the lesions are already resistant (resistant) to the means employed.

5 myths about hormonal cream

Myth 5: hormonal cream should be applied very liberally, so that he entered into the deeper layers of the skin

Penetration means considered very high in itself, therefore recommended doses exceeding leads to penetration of glucocorticoid hormones in the blood system, especially when the vessels are close to the skin surface. In such cases there is a gradual adrenal suppression operation, due to which there is a delay in children physical development and growth. For adults, the excess of active substances in the blood is fraught with hypertension, cataract and glaucoma.

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