Removal of warts at home

Removal of warts at home

Who as a child's parents are not frightened at the sight of a toad warts? This myth is firmly seated in the minds of children, even some adults eschew these animals. Another would be - on the skin growths are delivered a lot of inconveniences. Most often, warts affect the wrists, elbows, appear on the head and face. Warts are nodules on the skin. They have a viral origin, but not inflammation. These growths often light yellow to dark brown. Warts are passed from a sick person by direct contact with him. The second origin of warts are all sorts of damage to the skin: injuries or abrasions. In modern hospitals serves to get rid of this problem in a matter of minutes for a very reasonable price.

Methods for removing warts

Besides going to the cosmetic clinic, there are two methods of wart removal: with special pharmaceutical products and traditional recipes.

Preparations for removing warts are sold at any pharmacy without a prescription. The most popular of them: Vartner, Ferezol, Collomak. Manufacturers claim that the process is sufficient wound site and the wart will disappear. In fairness it must be said that in many cases do not solve the problem completely. But apart from these drugs is quite possible to manage grandmother's methods. They tested more than once on hundreds of people.

Removal of warts by folk remedies

Medicinal products appeared on the shelves of pharmacies not so long ago. And at a time when the pharmacy was not in every village, our grandmothers quietly along without all sorts of ointments and gels on the warts. Here are the most effective of the recipes for the removal of warts by folk remedies:

  • Removal of warts at home with a strong decoction or infusion of wormwood: brew 3 tbsp. spoon sage cup of boiling water and let it brew for good. The make at least 5 packs a day.
  • Painful, but very effective use of acetic acid. Moisten stick in acid and carefully, without touching the surrounding skin, apply the acid on the wart. A few days later the wound site potverdeet and the wart will fall off. Repeat the procedure for the prevention of relapse.
  • Removing warts celandine. This doctor almost all ills. Removing warts celandine doing a follows: constantly lubricate the place of defeat juice plants, eventually the skin becomes rough. Cut it and continue treatment until the complete disappearance of warts.
  • Virtually every windowsill ficus grows. Removal of warts at home even possible with this plant. Crush the leaves of ficus blender and the resulting slurry press. Juice ficus mix with vinegar essence in the ratio 2: 1. This medicine is put on the wart for 15 minutes. Rinse with cold water.
  • Removal of warts at home
  • From flat warts helps wood ash. Dissolve the ash with water to the consistency of sour cream and apply on the affected area.
  • Use the dandelion juice. This juice is necessary to rub the wart several times a day.
  • Remove warts, you can use the fruits of mountain ash. Chop the fruit and apply pulp on steamed wart. It is necessary to hold 10 sessions.
  • Crush a clove of garlic and mix with a drop of honey. Apply the mixture on the affected area. Cover the plaster and leave overnight.

Treating warts appearance is not frivolous. If you do not treat her right, after a while the number of build-up will start to increase.

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