Over time, people adapt to one another and begin to take for granted the fact that one or the other is doing.
We can not say that a certain sense of stability and state of comfort - it's bad.
It's bad when a man believes that you have to wash, cook, etc. by the list. It's one thing when it is evaluated, else when just sit on the neck and sometimes even forget to thank.
You can put up, and you can fight. Revolution is not necessary to arrange, but tactfully hint and make you appreciate a partner, it is necessary. Moreover, all that will be described below with sketched male behavior.

TIP 1: do not load themselves with work.
We women tend to take on yourself and the horse, and the burning house, and the man she loved. In general, we try to keep everything under control. Now stop. Our beloved men do something like that? They come to work hyper-super tired and sit down to rest. And we, as an institution, after work and supper is ready, and iron, and with the child classes do, and still have power left over and have sex.
Hence the conclusion - delegate powers. Here only without ultimatums. The result is too unpredictable. Ask for help. This is not a sign of weakness. Occasionally a man will always perform the duties assigned to him. Do you want to make it work? Every day makes a request for assistance. Drop a stone.
TIP 2: Love yourself more than him.

Sacrifice has long gone out of fashion. Now, the more you hold harmless man from everyday life, the more you take on yourself. At the same time, neglecting their own interests, caring for each other and, in the end, the time that you could spend together. So, let's start with the fact that to love yourself. Shift some work to men strong shoulders, put on sexy lingerie, do not forget the manicure, a drop of your favorite perfume and here the mood is already creeping up. Self-esteem tends to him, and you feel like a queen. A man instinctively attracted to women who are happy with themselves, who take care of themselves. It turns vicious circle. You do not love yourself, do not appreciate you.

TIP 3. LITTLE selfishness.
Be it that take some time to yourself. Start with 20 minutes a day. Ask my husband 20 minutes to play with your child while you are doing a manicure or taking a bath. To reach out to the spouse, using psychological techniques. Personally, I'm always motivated by the fact that my appearance - a reflection of how he cares for me, and he - like me. Remind him that next to the beautiful and well-groomed woman is much nicer than a tortured severe nilly. Carrying Arrangement on his work, a man sooner or later will realize how much you do for family.
TIP 4: play a game is not available.

Men - hunters. Therefore, it is sometimes useful to remove a little of myself. Be calm, a little indifferent, or, conversely, flirt with him in public, and a longer stay in a crowded place. His desire is to grow, and he struggled to make it to the point where you will be alone.

TIP 5. LOANS their self-esteem.
Women tend to put a lot of effort to raise self-esteem of the partner. At the same time we absolutely forget about ourselves. And our men are not much bother to remind us that we are the most-most. Sometimes the compliments have to wait for years!
Imagine that you need to describe yourself with the best hand. Start with the skills and character traits, gently go to appearance. So, you already feel like you are a queen or a princess well. What do you not worse, and may even be better the rest. And that your partner is very lucky to have you.

TIP 6. Remember that you are a woman.
Feminism - that's cool. But sometimes it is worth remembering that we belong to the weak and artful floor. But most women have a bad habit - to take everything on yourself. It is clear that we must be able to hammer and nail. But if you inhabit a male, instructed him to do so.
I made a startling observation. Have any of you seen a man, Pruszcz from the market by 3 heavy bags in their hands? I think no. And all because we ourselves go and awards these same handbag for yourself. Very feminine, is not it? You do not have to justify himself, that apart from us nobody does. Will do, you just have to ask. Women, let us learn to delegate. After all, men are not so stupid and primitive. Try it and you'll be surprised.

7. Council to accept compliments.

Sometimes we underestimate our own self-esteem and notch on the vine all men desire to do us a compliment. That is painfully familiar situation. He says that you are stunning in this dress. What do you answer? "Oh, it is old."
Speaking compliment, man expects flirtatious "thank you", not your self-criticism. Moreover, the age thing does not determine how good you look in it. The next time you use you received a compliment, as an excuse to flirt with a man.
COUNCIL 8. flirting and teasing.
We left there the whole arsenal of different options flirting. Why do not we use them? Do you think that once you live together, flirting lost relevance? You're wrong. Good flirting only heighten interest in your person.
I can say that women are to blame for the fact that they no longer appreciate. Therefore, it is time to reconsider their views on life and relationships, and regain the much desired attention of men. But this is the most valuable thing a woman.

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