How to build BUTTOCKS WITH Squats - 5 RULES AND a set of exercises.

Besides the obvious, well-known benefits of exercise, there are also those that most of us do not even think. So:

Squats - the most effective for the buttocks form of exercise. The muscles get stronger, which means "fifth point" becomes more relief and seductively rounded.

The blood flow in the pelvis improves microcirculation in tissues become active. This is good in itself, but gives and such a wonderful side effect, such as skin elasticity, reduction or even disappearance of cellulite.

Strong glutes, along with the back muscles, abdominals and legs, helping to keep the body confidently while walking and maintain the correct posture (we wrote about how to improve your posture).

If we are talking about the muscles of the back, leg press and then squats strengthen them, too. After all, in fact, these exercises give not weak force, and cardio. Getting up from the squat - even without burdening you in any way to lift weights - the weight of his own body.
It turns out that squats for buttocks muscles do not have the narrowly-specific focus, which is usually attributed to them. They are, in addition to what you can read on our website, help not only to reduce thighs and buttocks, but also to strengthen the body as a whole.

Correct technique squats
The only thing - to do the exercises correctly. If you do not figure it initially as a squat, to pump up the buttocks, you can harm your body. This is especially true for women aged "slightly over 20", never devote time to sports. If this is about you, then, most likely, your joints and muscles will not be happy to sudden load. In this case it is necessary to clarify how to pump up the buttocks at the gym, work out under the supervision of a trainer for a week, and then continue their studies at home, knowing their level of load capacity.

The second question is how to pump up the buttocks of the girl for a week. It is often asked in the forums, hoping to find a magic way to round off the ass for at least days.
So, no sit-ups and other exercises do not commit a miracle and become an amazing tool as quickly pump up the buttocks. Training - an ongoing process, muscle building is slow. Usually the question, how much you can pump up the buttocks, coaches say: two months. During this time your "fifth point" acquire a desired shape and elasticity.
5 Important Rules
1. Strain the press: the abdominal muscles should form a tight corset around the waist and thus fix the spine.
2. Keep your back straight: not buckle, do not slouch.
3. Keep your knees over feet: this is the right bottom position.
4. Heels are fixed on the floor.
5. Breathe smoothly in time with the movements.
Work in this mode allows you to understand how to pump up the buttocks and prevent excessive stress on the joints, muscles stretching.

A set of exercises
Once you know whether squats help pump up the buttocks, and why they perform, can proceed to the daily training. Each exercise is done 15 times.

NORMAL squats
How to build BUTTOCKS WITH Squats - 5 RULES AND a set of exercises.

It improves the condition of the leg muscles.
1. Stand straight, feet on the width of the pelvis.
2. Inhale, take the ass back, bend your legs at the knees.
3. Exhale, straighten legs.
Influences on the buttock, inner and outer thigh muscles.
1. Stand straight, feet wider than shoulder width arrange and socks - in the side.
2. Inhale scroll down, you exhale straighten.

Focus on the big buttock.
1. Stops put together.
2. Perform squats similarly to exercise

Exercise on the development of the gluteal muscles.
1. Cross your legs.
2. Inhale, pull the pelvis backwards. Legs bend to a right angle at the knees. Form the body weight on the leg facing front. The second leg should not touch the ground heel.
3. Exhale, return to starting position.

How to build BUTTOCKS WITH Squats - 5 RULES AND a set of exercises.

Increased pressure on the buttocks.
1. Stand with your feet on the width of the pelvis. Lift one heel up.
2. Inhale, pull the pelvis back, bend your legs. Shape your body weight on a fully standing on the floor of the foot.
3. Exhale, return to starting position, repeat with the other leg.
Significant load increase, its distribution in the buttocks, back of thighs and back muscles.
1. Lean hands on the chair. Stand on one leg. Second pull the forward bend at the knee and keep on weight.
2. Inhale as you squat on one leg. At the same time, move the torso forward and free leg back.
3. Exhale, return to starting position. Also useful jumping squats and breeding feet apart. They train the heart and stamina. Our complex will help you pump up the buttocks at home and help the legs become slender.

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