Dimexidum face

Dimexidum face

Dimexidum a drug exclusively for outdoor use. It has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and analgesic properties. In particular, a person applies for dimexide of acne, various minor skin wounds and irritations. In some cases, it is used to thin the blood and for the treatment of internal diseases.

Basic properties Dimexidum

When applied to the skin dimeskid quickly absorbed, directly acting on the inflamed area. When using it for acne, their number decreases significantly after a month of treatment. This drug is very soluble in water, but it is not soluble in oils. Most often dimexide with nothing not mix, as this drug by itself is strong enough and efficient. There are cases when acne treatment solution is mixed with honey as a mask. Only in this form of treatment to pre-test the portability of such a combination.

Dimexidum in cosmetics for the face with acne

The most common cause of acne on the face are hormonal disorders. At this moment adolescent skin properties change, thereby changing the chemical composition of sebum. While sebum become more viscous, it clogs the pores and some areas (spots) that are beginning to peel and Stratum. Thus, we see the face reddening and small pimples. Sometimes they are quite large, painful. In such cases, often prescribed a complex treatment, which includes dimexide. During its application to the skin, it is absorbed quickly, and in some cases may have a common effect on the body. Dimexidum for skin used for various purposes, including for various inflammations (acne) and their treatment. It provides an antibacterial effect, thereby reducing the number of spots and their size. If applied on the pimple dimexide with the generated abscess, he breaks after some time and in its place there is only a thin crust. When applying the funds to immature zit, a trace does not remain.

Face masks with Dimexidum

The recipe first mask consists of a combination Dimexidum and tea tree oil :

  1. To prepare the masks need equal parts Dimexidum and tea tree oil.
  2. All mixed and applied only on inflamed skin.
  3. After a few hours it is recommended to wash with warm water, thereby removing some of the remnants of the mask.

The second mask is made up of Dimexidum and erythromycin :

  1. The liquid solution should be diluted Dimexidum eritrometsina two tablets.
  2. The resulting solution wipe the face for the night with a cotton pad.

In general, it is worth noting that dimexide can be used as a preventive measure as a mask once a week, if you have problem skin. If treatment is directly assigned as a course, then a mask can be done up to three times a week. Dimexidum facial wrinkles are not as effective as in the treatment of various inflammatory response plan, so the drug is most suitable for young skin. When it comes to the treatment of the joints or any other inflammation in the skin, then dimexide ideal for such therapy.

Dimexidum face
How to apply dimexide?

For the treatment of scars on the face using 20% Dimexidum solution for this it is diluted with water to the 1: 3. The concentration should be administered only physician on the basis of the degree of sensitivity of the skin. Do not overdo it and remember that if used improperly, this drug may experience local burns. If used as masks dimexide, then after a certain time of action it is recommended to wash the face with warm water, and if it compresses, additional flushing of the drug is not necessary, since he is absorbed into the skin quite well.

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