Powder for problem skin

Powder for problem skin

Problem is called skin prone to the appearance of blackheads and acne, as well as skin with enlarged pores. Of course, for such skin needs special approach and attention. As is known, to mask imperfections, there are two main types of cosmetics - foundation and powder. So what do you choose foundation or powder for problematic oily skin? Many dermatologists advise to refuse if there is inflammation of the liquid concealers, and use the powder. Mainly due to the fact that the creams clog pores, thereby provoking the appearance of new stimuli. Using a foundation to owners of oily skin is allowed only in the winter when the skin needs additional moisture.

But what kind of powder for oily skin is better to buy, because there are so many of their species? Try to understand. When choosing a powder for oily skin, be sure to read the label. We are interested, first of all, parameters such as nekomedogennost (ie, this powder will not clog pores), and the absence of antibacterial oils. On the basis of the latter requirement, we can say that the cream powder for problem skin does not fit. The presence of oil in its composition can provoke inflammation and enlarged pores, such powder is not only disguise, but also underline. From the point of view of the effectiveness of cosmetic, loose powder is ideal for oily skin - with the help of her best masked deficiencies.

But how not to get lost among the new make-up? Lately everyone is talking about mineral makeup, there are mineral powder. very often it is advised to use it, because a part of such a powder for oily skin often includes zinc. As you know, drugs based on it helping the skin healthier, prone to the emergence of a variety of imperfections. It turns out that mineral powder for oily skin that is necessary. This powder comes in two types - compact and crumbly. Compact Powder undoubtedly convenient, but for oily skin is not the best option. The fact that solid particles of such powder will injure and without irritated skin. It turns out that loose powder is suitable for problem skin, not only from the point of view of the masking properties, but also benefit from it more. It follows from the foregoing that the best powder for oily skin is a loose powder mineral based.

But whatever you powder for oily skin is not chosen, it is important to remember a few things. Powder should not have a sharp odor, although this is not necessarily evidence of poor quality cosmetic product. Many popular and high-end brand added to the aromatic fragrances of the powder, but such cosmetics is better to put owners of healthy skin. Because the skin with enhanced sensitivity may react negatively to such additives.

And if you do decide to opt for a mineral powder, then be prepared to facilitate the purse. For oily skin need maximum protection from the external environment, and thus the presence of SPF filter is a prerequisite. A cosmetic product that meets all the stated requirements (not in the advertising poster, in fact), can not be cheap.

Powder for problem skin
Do not be afraid, no one talks about the fact that for such a make-up will have to lay out the fabulous sums. There are a number of democratic brands, producing a good makeup. Just remember that quality cosmetics can not cost so very cheap. And much better for a while not to use powder in general, the advantage of low-quality product, and then a long time to get rid of the harm caused to your skin.

And the last rule - you need to carefully take care of the means for applying the powder. Refers sponges and brushes. They are in any case need to be kept clean to avoid bacterial growth. And if the skin has a tendency to increased production of sebum, the wash brushes and sponges better after each use.

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