Tone Cream for problem skin

Tone Cream for problem skin

Experts in the field of cosmetics every year offer more advanced versions of masking tools. However, even in such a seemingly a wide choice to choose the foundation for oily skin, that would cope with all the tasks assigned to it - not so easy ... Tone Cream for oily skin, foundation cream for acne concealer for combination skin - like here is not to get lost?

In fact, before answering the questions: What are the varieties of foundation for oily skin, how to choose and apply masking agents, should define the very concept - problem skin, because every girl brings a meaning to it ...

For some, the problem skin - redness, enlarged pores and pimples, the other considers problematic skin in the "black spots". Qualitative foundation for oily skin can effectively mask any of the above imperfections.

The composition of the foundation for problem skin

Speaking of composition Tonalka for problem skin, we note that it is qualitatively different from that of a conventional masking agent. Namely, there is always present inflammatory component.

The ideal foundation for oily skin contain synthetic colors, along with preservatives should not be! Particular attention is paid to the label:

  • «Will not clog pores» - does not clog pores;
  • «Oil free» - does not contain oils;
  • «Non-comedogenic» - nekomedogenny.

Remember that it is extremely desirable to choose for oily skin acne Tonalka based on oil because it clogs the pores, prevents the skin to breathe. The most harmless is considered oil «sunflower oil» and «mineral oil».

Tone for oily skin should not contain components such as «lanolin» and «isopropyl myristate». Preferably the tone for oily skin, water-based. Micronized ( «micronized») of the particles in a cream, clogging pores, too, should be avoided.

Types of tonal creams for problem skin

Of course, by definition, foundation cream for greasy skin does not only mask pimples, redness, but also to treat skin, improving the color and adding haze.

Conventionally, all Tonalka acne can be divided into several categories, namely:

  • liquid - designed for all types of skin problem;
  • cream (cream, powder) - for oily, dry, combination and mature skin;
  • based oils - for dry skin problem;
  • Water-based - for oily skin problem.

Texture creams conceal pimples can be divided into:

  • matt ( «matte») - creams for acne targeting to create natural makeup without greasy;
  • velvety ( «velvety») - masking agents capable of giving the skin a matte shine;
  • shining ( «high-shine») - Tonalka give skin a glow effect inside, the color is bright;
  • blinking ( «luminous») foundation cream for oily skin - a base for make-up, which is applied to the face before concealer.

How to cover acne creams - Secrets of application

It is important not only to find "their" foundation for oily skin, but also to know how to cover up pimples Tonalka so that the imperfections of no trace.

First of all you need to clean the skin of impurities using a scrub

Tone Cream for problem skin
and a special tonic for oily skin. If necessary, you should do a cleansing mask matting.

Then you should apply the base under makeup. Its role can be a moisturizing cream / emulsion for oily skin with anti-inflammatory components.

After the cream is absorbed, you can proceed directly to the application of the masking agent. This should be done with your fingers or a sponge. In transitions to the neck and the base of the hair, pay special attention, and finally powder the face. If imperfections are expressed views before applying concealer for oily skin should use konsillerom / proofreader and point to put it on the problem areas.

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