Shugaring bikini

Shugaring bikini

Regularly remove from the body of unwanted vegetation necessary to all the fair sex. Hair removal allows to do it much less often. A shugaring bikini, not only increases the interval between treatments, but also leaves a delicate and very pleasant to the touch skin. Of course, the method has some drawbacks. But they neglected many women - too good result is obtained after a hair removal.

Benefits shugaring bikini

procedure The name speaks for itself. Shugaring involves the use of sugar to remove unwanted vegetation. Previously a special mass is made of sweet sand. It can be used for different epilation zones including deep bikini area.

The principle is simple procedures. Shugaring bikini is based on the possibility of sugar paste to adhere to the body and quickly dry up. This sweet mass gently envelops all the smallest particles, which are then easily removed from the body surface.

The main advantages of the bikini area shugaring include:

  • lasting effect of the procedure;
  • low allergen hazard;
  • lack of stimulation ;
  • antibacterial effect (on the epidermis under the sugar paste destroy all pathogens);
  • quality hair removal (mass penetrates deep into the follicles);
  • the absence of ingrown hairs.

In addition, during shugaring skin is cleaned of dead skin particles, but healthy cells is not damaged. And while the sugar hair removal can not get a burn, such as is the case with wax or other compounds.

Do shugaring bikini at home or in the cabin is shown in the following cases:

  1. This method is ideal for people who are on the razor irritation.
  2. Removal of sugar paste vegetation suitable for those who suffer from ingrown hairs or shaving rash education.
  3. Longer maintain intimate haircut can only do if hair removal sugar.

How do shugaring bikini?

Special weight shugaring sold ready-made. Choose they need, given the characteristics of your skin and hair. Other means will not be effective. But if you want to prepare a paste for hair removal can and herself.

Weight shugaring bikini at home - recipe


  • sugar - 1 kg;
  • Lemon - 0.5 pc .;
  • Water - 0.5 Art.


From lemon juice to squeeze. All the ingredients mix in a saucepan and put on high heat for three minutes. Constantly stir. Fire boil, turn down and a lot of another ten minutes, until it changes color. Then immediately remove. Pour paste into another container and allow to cool (but not in the refrigerator!).

Two days before Shugaring bikini zone in the home, clean the epidermis soft scrubs. And immediately before the procedure treat skin disinfectant. Next - it's simple:

  1. Shugaring bikini
  2. Take a piece of paste at room temperature and roll it into a ball.
  3. Sharik treat the skin in the desired zone, pressing well. Hold it against the hair growth to sugar covered them completely.
  4. Once part of a little dry up, tear it abruptly. Of course, it is also necessary to do against hair growth. So all the vegetation is removed along with the onions.
  5. Rinse with warm water treated area. And then wipe it with chlorhexidine, peroxide or special posledepilyatsionnym means.

The first hair removal can take a long time and go not too well. Do not despair, after the second procedure skills improved.

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