Cake "Cherries in the Snow"

Cake "Cherries in the Snow"

If you decide to treat yourself and loved to cook a delicious dessert original, then this article is for you. Here you are waiting for cake recipes "Cherries in the Snow."

Cake "Cherries in the Snow" - recipe


For the dough:

  • Wheat flour - 550 g;
  • soda - 5 g;
  • vinegar - 5 ml;
  • Sour cream 20% fat - 180 g;
  • natural butter - 200 g

For filling:

  • Canned cherries without kostochek- 600 g;
  • sugar - 50 g

For the cream:

  • powdered sugar - 100 g;
  • thick sour cream - 600 g;
  • vanillin;
  • white coconut.


Natural butter mix with sour cream, gradually sifted flour podsypaya. And add soda, slaked apple cider vinegar. Knead the dough elastic. We put it on for an hour in the cold, covered with cling film. Next we divide it into 16 pieces. Each roll out and laid in the middle cherries, pritrusiv their sugar. The edges are well zaschipyvaem. We spread obtained "sausages" in a circular shape around, completely filling it. 4 Bake the cake in a well-heated oven. For one, the cake will take about 20 minutes. Then, give them cool completely. Fatty cream, beat with the addition of powdered sugar and cream generously cover each cake. Give the cake to soak well. Then sprinkle with coconut.

Cake "Cherries in the snow" - recipe


  • ready puff pastry - 1 pack;
  • cherries - 300 g;
  • fat sour cream - 400 g;
  • coconut - 200 g;
  • sand Sugar - 150 g;
  • vanilla sugar - '15


Ready-made puff pastry to defrost naturally. Microwave thus can not be used. Cut it into 6 parts. Every roll out. Need to get the size of the band of about 8 to 30 cm. Put them on parchment, oil missed. In the center lay in a row of cherries without pits. The edges of the dough is lifted and gently, but firmly zaschipyvaem. The resulting billet laid on a baking sheet seam down. Bake them for 15-20

Cake "Cherries in the Snow"
minutes in a well-heated oven. Now prepare the cream: whisk fat sour cream with sugar and vanilla sugar. Baked rolls with cherry Let cool. Then, on a large dish lay out the ducts 3, very good lubricating them with cream, put on top of another 2 tubes, also apply the cream and finish the "house" yet another tube. Fill the cake with cream and sprinkle with remaining coconut. It is important that the "cell" is well soaked, so the cake "Cherries in the snow" before applying should stand in the cold at least 5-6 hours. If you need a big celebration on the cake, the number of products you need to increase proportionally. Enjoy your tea!

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