Hair removal on legs

Hair removal on legs

Ways to get rid of a lot of unwanted vegetation. Cosmetic services for painless hair removal on the legs offer beauty salons. To do this, procedures are carried out:

  • hair removal;
  • laser hair removal;
  • hair removal wax, etc.

But at home and on the legs can be made fully effective hair removal. Consider what are the ways of removing hair on the legs at home.

Shaving legs

For shaving the legs is used a safety razor or electric shaver. The procedure is best done after a bath or shower, when the skin is warmed and weakened hair follicles. Before shaving legs should be treated with a cream with moisturizing effect. Hair shaved off against growth from the bottom up. After the procedure, it is desirable to use a cosmetic cream or oil, reduces inflammation. The effect is noticeable after shaving the legs for 2-5 days.

Removal of hair on the legs with forceps

Forceps usually applied to remove excessive facial hair, for example, when adjusting the eyebrows. Hair Elimination on their feet by this method - a long process, even in the case where the vegetation is very rare. But if you choose tweezers, do not forget to treat the skin before the procedure and after the disinfectant, for example, a lotion.

Hair removal on legs sugar

Sugar hair removal (shugaring) resembles waxing and relates to safe methods. Diabetes gel composed exclusively of natural elements: sugar, water and a small amount of lemon juice. Dense substance applied to the skin using an applicator, and then on this area of overlap paper strips. After the hair to "grab" the band rip sharp movement against the hair growth. Sticky residue from the skin easily rinsed off under running water.

Hair removal on legs
Hair removal cream

Cream for hair removal on the legs choose the appropriate type of skin. It is important to carefully review procedure instruction means for use since there are some different features using creams. Ideally, the procedure should take place as follows: you put the drug in the shower, leaving his body at that time, which is specified in the instruction, then at the direction of the treated areas of the water jet, the hair should be removed to drain with water. You are cautioned that individual characteristics into force, the cream can not provide proper exposure.

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