Cake "Smetannikov" - recipe

Cake "Smetannikov" - recipe

"Smetannikov" - light and delicate cake that (as the name implies) is made from sour cream dough. Cream cake "Smetannikov" is best done on the basis of sour cream (or a similar, but less fatty foods - unsweetened yogurt) with the addition of various fillers vkusoobrazuyuschih.

Tell us how to cook a cake, "Smetannikov".

Simple recipe "Smetannikov"

First - a basic recipe for a simple "Smetannikov" thin cake with two shortcakes and chocolate cream .


  • sour natural average fat content relatively thick - 300 ml;
  • chicken egg - 2 pcs .;
  • wheat flour - about 2 cups;
  • corn starch - 2 tbsp. spoons;
  • sugar - 100 g;
  • rum, brandy or fruit brandy - 2 tbsp. spoons;
  • cinnamon or vanilla - 2 pinches;
  • baking soda with lemon juice repaid - at the tip of a knife;
  • piece of butter.

For the cream:

  • sour cream or yogurt thick unsweetened - 250 ml;
  • powdered sugar - 2 tbsp. spoons;
  • cocoa or carob powder - 2 tbsp. spoon.

For layers and sprinkling:

  • Ground or chopped nuts (walnuts or hazelnuts) - 1 cup;
  • dark chocolate ready - 1 medium tiles.


Separate the egg whites from the yolks and beat with a mixer until a stable foam. Rub the yolks well with the sugar, add the rum, the repayment of soda, vanilla, sour cream. Mix with the sifted flour and add the beaten egg whites. Starches adjustable thickness. You can briefly ProMes dough mixer. Divide the dough into 2 parts.

Fill in part of the test on the 2/3 form, greased with butter (you can immediately work with 2 forms). Bake cakes in the oven for about 25 minutes (the optimum temperature of about 200 ° C). After turning off the fire immediately cakes out of the oven can not be ejected even reach the door ajar when for 15 minutes once a Korzh not work, let him "rest" at least half an hour.

Now prepare the cream. Mix the cocoa and icing sugar, add sour cream. You can also add a little bit of a thick fruit syrup or liquor - taste cream supplemented with new interesting fruity notes. If you want the cream froze, include in its composition a little bit of an aqueous gelatin solution (about 5 g per 150 ml of lukewarm water, then strain). Vegetarians can replace vegetable gelatin agar-agar, it should be two to three times greater than gelatin.

Put the cake on a serving plate and liberally daubed it with cream. Sprinkle an even layer of chopped nuts, put the second cake on top, and poured-daubed it with cream, sprinkle with nuts and grated chocolate.

If shortcakes lush, they can be cut from the side of each of two thinner cake and build a "four-story" cake, or just 2 "double-decker". Cakes should definitely give soak - it will place it in the refrigerator at least an hour to 3.

To make the cake even more interesting and sophisticated, can be laid between the cakes steamed dried apricots, raisins, slices of fresh fruit (such as bananas and kiwi), fresh berries (raspberries, blackberries, currants, cherries, pitted and OE), crushed fruit and marmalade various other light dessert goodies. Too juicy berries sprinkled with a mixture of sugar and starch. Fantasize bolder.

Truffle Cake "Smetannikov"

Cake "Smetannikov" - recipe


Sour cream pastry cook from the basic recipe (see. Above) and divide it into 2 parts, then one part of a mixture of cocoa powder and sugar (2 tablespoons. Spoons). Bake cakes and light chocolate. In this embodiment, the cocoa cream is better not to place and simply add to the cream or yoghurt fruit syrup or thick liquor. Cream can be thickened by adding starch or gelatin. Cut cakes and cake build 4 "floor" (cake or 2, supra.). On top of the cake ready to lay out chocolates and truffles again Obol cream.

Serve the cake with tea, coffee, or rooibos, preferably in the morning.

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