Iodine of unwanted hair

Iodine of unwanted hair

Who was the first to apply the iodine of unwanted hair is hard to say. In our country it has become a popular tool in times of shortages in the USSR, when other hair removal methods have become either too expensive as shugaring or generally unavailable. Some women have adapted to remove hair on the body with the help of forceps or a thread, but in time and degree of pain, these methods are difficult to attribute to success. But iodine against unwanted hair was quite convenient to use. Another thing is that not always efficiently - in most people's recipes hidden a lot of nuances.

How to conduct a hair removal with iodine?

Get rid of the vegetation on the body once and for all - the cherished dream of many women. Frequent shaving tiring, painful hair removal tolerated and significantly detract from the appearance of the skin, causing ingrown hairs. That is why the popular and have long been methods of burning the hair bulb with chemicals - potassium permanganate, juice, walnut and many others, including hair removal and iodine. The probability of getting burned is quite high during the procedure, but even this does not diminish the number of those wishing to try the method on itself.

So, these are the main advantages of using iodine from unwanted body hair:

  • long-term effects;
  • painless procedure;
  • low cost;
  • the possibility of using at home.

In order for the tool worked, should also adhere to certain conditions:

  1. Before applying the solution on the skin should be thoroughly steam out of her and shave or other method to remove all the hairs. It allows you to open access to the follicle.
  2. Since most of the hair follicles are in the phase of sleep, and not in the growth phase, the procedure should be carried out regularly over several months.
  3. It is advisable to apply a dot of iodine to reduce the degree of skin trauma.

Recipe application of iodine of unwanted hair

typically contains other ingredients in products based on iodine. After analyzing several recipes, we considered the most effective and safest of them the one which proposes use of unwanted hair both iodine and ammonia.


  • Medical alcohol - 35 g;
  • iodo - 2 g;
  • alcohol, ammonia - 3 g;
  • castor oil - 5 g

Preparation and Application

Mix all these ingredients in a glass dish, pour into a container, which can close the lid. After 3-4 hours agent should change the color to a lighter - from this moment it can be used without fear that the skin turns orange. Apply makeup to the skin morning and evening with a cotton pad, giving a solution to fully absorb. Keep the hair at the site with which you are working, you do not grow longer than 1 mm.

The first treatment course is 2 weeks. Part of the hair during this period should be thinned and fall out from the root. Take a break for 1 week and then again perform a series of

Iodine of unwanted hair
means for use within 2 weeks. Alternate treatment courses and recreation for at least six months, until they get rid of all unwanted hair.

Because many women have an increased sensitivity to iodine and ammonia, there are certain recommendations for the use of the recipe:

  1. Be sure to perform the test for sensitivity - apply makeup on the back of the hand and wait for 3 hours. If during this time there was no irritation and redness, you can safely use a recipe.
  2. Use the tool in a large well ventilated room to a pair of ammonia did not affect the body.

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