How to get rid of hair on the legs?

How to get rid of hair on the legs?

On the eve of the spring-summer season wearing skirts, dresses and swimsuits relaxing in every woman thinks about the choice of suitable methods to get rid of the hair on the legs. For this purpose, there are many methods, each of which has its own pros and cons. Some of them allow you to remove unwanted "vegetation" just a few days, while others have a more lasting effect.

How to get rid of hair on the legs forever?

Recipes and tips that promise to get rid of unwanted hair permanently set. Unfortunately, none of them works. Moreover, for life to remove the "vegetation" impossible, even with the help of modern beauty treatments.

In order to completely stop the appearance of hair is necessary to eliminate its cause - remove the bulbs from which they grow. But the growth process occurs in stages:

  1. Telogen -. Bulbs period of rest in this stage of it nothing grows, accordingly, can not see where it is. Destroy this bulb impossible.
  2. Catagen -. The hairs start growing thin and barely pigmented, it is more difficult to remove.
  3. Anagen - the active growth at this stage and is carried out hair removal when they are clearly visible and contain a sufficient amount of dark pigment..

The anagen phase is usually no more than 30% of all the bulbs, respectively, destroy all at once is impossible. And even with prolonged regular removal of "vegetation" there is no guarantee that the dilapidated bulb will not resume its activity.

As a long time to get rid of the hair on the legs?

The technique allows to remove unwanted hair for a long time - hair removal. In beauty salons offered her the following varieties:

  • laser;
  • electric;
  • ultrasound;
  • epilation ;
  • ELOS.

Each type of hair removal involves several courses, including 4-8 treatments.

A cheaper way to get rid of unwanted hair for up to 4 weeks - depilation:

  • wax;
  • How to get rid of hair on the legs?
  • shugaring;
  • hardware (epilator).

How can I quickly get rid of the hair on the legs at home?

The most painless and fast hair removal methods - a conventional or electric shaving machine, as well as the application of special creams for depilation.

The disadvantage of these methods is the short-term effect, only 1-3 days. Therefore, most women use the epilator or spend salon treatments in the home, removing hair with wax or sugar paste.

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