Removal of facial hair forever

Removal of facial hair forever

Woman's face should always be charming, gentle, graceful. But very often the whole thing spoiled little hairs that may appear on the upper lip, cheeks or chin. How to make facial hair removal forever? And how can we do it at home?

Most modern methods of removing facial hair

The procedure is the removal of facial hair in women always best done in a salon. There beautician can quickly and painlessly stop hair growth methods such as:

  • laser hair removal;
  • epilation ;
  • electrolysis.

Laser Hair Removal - the rapid destruction on a specific area of hair follicles with a unique laser light. It's quite an expensive procedure, but it is absolutely safe and very effective. Laser hair removal on the face help get rid of any unwanted vegetation in just a few short sessions.

Photoepilation - a unique procedure in which high-momentum with the help of light hair follicle "deprived" of all the nutrients, causing the hairs fall off. This method is very popular because it allows for the removal of blond hair on your face forever. Its advantage is that the skin is not damaged and completely exclude the possibility of infection.

During electrolysis there is a complete destruction of the hair bulb electric shock. Hairs, after such exposure fall forever. Laser hair removal is an effective procedure, but it has a large number of contraindications.

Removal of hair on the face traditional methods

The procedure is the removal of facial hair permanently and can be carried out with the help of folk remedies. Excellent help to cope with the problem of excess vegetation nutshell (cedar or walnut)

  1. It must be crushed.
  2. Mix with tap water until mushy state.
  3. Rub means areas with hair.

Well it removes hair and a means of nettle seeds:

  1. Removal of facial hair forever
  2. To make it, you need 40 grams of seeds, pour 100 g of oil (vegetable).
  3. Leave the mixture in a dark place (approximately 2 months).
  4. Then this tool to remove facial hair permanently you must strain and apply daily on the problem areas.

To get rid of all unwanted vegetation can be used soda solution:

  1. Make it out of 1 tsp soda (food) and 200 ml of boiling water.
  2. This solution should be well moisten a cotton swab, and then make it a zone where hairs grow overnight.
  3. Repeat procedure should be daily.

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