lidocaine Spray

lidocaine Spray

hair removal procedure is complicated by the appearance of the pain that not everyone can bear. However, provided for by this procedure is not necessary. Now there are many drugs that help reduce skin sensitivity. One such tool is the spray lidocaine, which allows you to safely carry out hair removal at home.

The action of lidocaine

The drug has a clear local anesthetic properties, based on the inhibition of conduction of nerve endings by blocking sodium in them. The effect can last up to 75 minutes, with the combination of epinephrine increases the period of up to two hours. When you use a decrease in sensitivity to pain, then there is a reduction of tactile sensitivity and felt a rush of heat.

Lidocaine smoothly into the tissue and has anesthetic effect which is observed within five minutes. The drug is absorbed into the bloodstream, where it reaches maximum concentration in an hour. The half-life of the active components is 1.6 hours.

Due to its properties, lidocaine found widespread in the manufacture of creams for pain during epilation. Use of the drug is allowed only in case of absence of intolerance of components. Lidocaine is contraindicated drug for arrhythmia, and liver and methemoglobinemia that can lead to difficulty breathing cells, apply analgesic during pregnancy only after consulting your doctor.

Lidocaine of epilation

The most common remedy for pain is the cream on the basis of lidocaine Emla. It can be used even during the procedure of removing facial hair. Rub the drug is not necessary, is sufficient to impose a thin layer of cream, wrap cling film part of the body and wrap with cling film. This cream is suitable for hair removal bikini area, but fasten polyethylene will be problematic. It should be noted that such a remedy is not small, and it can not help everyone. Therefore, owners of a low pain threshold makes sense to try alternative methods of anesthesia.

If failed to acquire the cream, one can take advantage of lidocaine in ampoules, which before the procedure triturated field of hair removal.

Lidocaine Spray of epilation

The simplest method is to use lidocaine anesthesia as a spray (10%). It is sprayed on the skin surface and the film is wound as three hours. Since lidocaine spray for pain mucous, then the bikini its application would be ineffective.

The best result can be achieved, performing subcutaneous injections of lidocaine (2%). For this procedure, you must purchase an insulin syringe. The needle is inserted as close as possible to the skin surface and release the drug. The process itself can not be called pleasant, but for the next hour the pain of hair removal will not occur. When processing a large area of the body you need to perform a few shots, because the range of a single injection of about 2 cm.

Anesthetic lidocaine - side effects

Typically, the drug is easily transferred. Among the unpleasant effects

lidocaine Spray
most frequent burning sensation and the occurrence of an allergic reaction on the treated surfaces.

Also, when using lidocaine may be encountered with such effects:

  • reduction of pressure;
  • myocardial infarction ;
  • drowsiness;
  • respiratory failure;
  • anxiety;
  • anaphylactic shock;
  • Angioedema.

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