Women waxing

Women waxing

In the struggle for the ideal smoothness of the skin, many women avoid depilation wax , because this method is considered to be too painful and time consuming. In fact cosmetology developing intensively in this direction and today there are many types of hair removal with wax, which not only provide the desired result, but also care for the skin.

Women waxing - Pros and Cons

The subject method of getting rid of unwanted hair, like all others, has its advantages and disadvantages.

Among the advantages of female depilation wax is worth noting:

  • instant and lasting effect (up to 4 weeks);
  • a small amount of time for the procedure;
  • With regular waxing a marked reduction in hair growth rate, their thickness and density;
  • perfect smoothness of the skin.


  • the risk of ingrown hairs ;
  • growing a need for hairs to 3-4 mm in length;
  • additional skin care after the procedure;
  • the possibility of allergic reactions;
  • traumatic effect on the skin with blood vessels that are close to the surface;
  • unpleasant, painful feelings.

What is the best wax for depilation?

Suitable means must be chosen according to the sensitivity of the skin, hair growth characteristics. In addition, you must acquire the wax, which is designed specifically for a particular area where hair removal will be carried out.

Consider the different types of such funds, as well as their features:

Warm wax for depilation

This type of wax usually comes in deep tanks. It has a low melting temperature since it is made from natural ingredients and enriched with natural fats.

The use of warm wax for depilation is its melting (enough to put a jar with an agent in a pan with hot water) and applied on hair growth on the treated area. Top imposed special paper, which is removed after 5-7 minutes of quick movement against the hair growth.

Film wax for depilation

One of the indisputable advantages of the variety of wax is that it does not require special paper for depilation procedure. The tool is available in the form of solid pellets of various colors, suitable for even the removal of the hard hairs, does not injure the sensitive skin.

The apparatus for depilation wax placed the required amount of ingredient and is heated to about 50 degrees. After application and cooling of the skin is a thin film which is easily removed together with the hair without the use of paper strips. This wax is excellent for hair removal bikini and other sensitive areas.

Cold wax depilatory cartridges

The proposed tools are available in standard cartridges wax heaters. After reaching the necessary

Women waxing
the temperature of the wax is conveniently distributed in the skin layer of the same thickness. Top weight glued paper strips for depilation. After 10 minutes, they shot a sharp movement of the hand.

Waxes of this type are most convenient and economical to use, enriched with soothing plant extracts and oils.

How to remove wax after depilation?

In any case, as a result of treatments on skin remains little surplus funds. Depending on the type of product, there are several ways to remove wax after depilation:

  1. Rinse with warm water.
  2. Remove special napkins, which are normally included to remove hair.
  3. Remove by sponge or wool with pre-impregnated with vegetable oil or cosmetic.

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