How to remove hair on your hands?

How to remove hair on your hands?

The cheapest and easiest way to get rid of hair is shaving. However, there is always the chance of cuts to the same after this procedure, the hair will grow dark and thorny. For female hands - quite improper procedure. Responding to a question, how to remove hair on the arms, it is important to consider a number of ways and choose the most acceptable to you.

How to remove hair on your hands?

Visit specialized salon for this purpose is not necessary. There are procedures that can be performed independent forces home.

Depilatory cream includes in its composition a substance that softens the hair, making it easier to remove them. Plus method is simple and painless. By cons should include the possibility of allergies, and the low efficiency of the cheap funds.

Hair removal can be carried out at the hands of wax. The strips coated with wax is heated, applied to the skin and tear off sharply against the hair growth. Lasts effect of the procedure is long enough, however painful the process, and the high price of such assets.

To cope with the problem of hair on your hands, you can use shugaring . The mixture can be prepared with their own hands or buy ready-made structure in the store. The difference between this method of hair removal wax - a hair removal in the direction of growth. The advantage of the method: the removal of fine hairs, painless and no possibility of allergies. But Shugaring difficult to get rid of coarse hair.

Hair removal can be carried out at the hands of an electric epilator. In its application it is important to use ledokain to reduce pain, as well as the cream after epilation. The method has a good effect, but the procedure is accompanied by pain, redness and irritation.

Discoloration of the hair on his hands

possible to use a mixture of ammonia, hydrogen peroxide and baking soda to lighten hair. Apply hand gruel on hair for an hour, trying not to rub the skin and then rinse.

How to remove hair on your hands?

It is also recommended to use gidroperita tablets. Ten crushed tablets mixed with sal ammoniac (two capsules), a spoon of shampoo and water. Leave the part in his arms for an hour.

The use of such funds may be accompanied by an allergy, and in such cases it is advisable to lighten hair in the hands of women camomile flowers:

  1. Dry flowers are kept in a water bath for five minutes.
  2. Then, about half an hour insist.
  3. The resulting mixture was spread on hair and hands are wrapped in polyethylene.
  4. After two hours, washed.

To enhance the effect to add a couple of drops of chamomile apple cider vinegar .

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