How discolor hair above the lip?

How discolor hair above the lip?

The presence of barbels on the upper lip is maddening many women - is what to do with the mustache: remove hair or discolored? And in general, how to do it? After all, the skin above the upper lip is very sensitive and regular hair removal is not suitable, and to pull out the hair with tweezers and generally thankless work. So look carefully at his mustache if the hair on the upper lip dark and hard, then they do not get discolored, then needed another procedure, for example, such as wax or laser hair removal. If the hair a lighter shade, they can try to discolor. In that case, if the hair on the upper lip barely noticeable, then you do not think as they discolor, because it is not no mustache, and natural skin finish and deal with it is not necessary.

And still need to pay attention to whether there are any hereditary background to the emergence of such "decorations". If not, and the hair began to grow on the upper lip suddenly, you should seek medical advice. Perhaps strengthening the growth is due to hormonal disorders, and then solve the problem of help taking medication prescribed by a doctor. If, however, increased growth of hair on the upper lip hereditary phenomenon, it is necessary to remove the hair or lighten.

Lighten or tendrils can be a special compound or hydrogen peroxide. When using special formulations for lightening must be thoroughly acquainted with the instructions for use, and do a test for allergic reaction to the inside of the wrist or elbow. Finished compositions are good by the fact that many of them in addition to clarifying the effect they are capable of thinning hair and hair growth pause. But this, of course, only with constant use. It is also ready to make a softer effect on the skin, so if it is sensitive, it is best to use it in such a cream.

As discolored tendrils of hydrogen peroxide?

By choosing to lighten hair on the upper lip of hydrogen peroxide, it is necessary to observe some precautions and be sure to use after applying nourishing cream. An aqueous solution of hydrogen peroxide is conveniently added to the shaving cream and applied to skin with dark hairs. Thirty minutes later, it is necessary to wash off makeup and put on his upper lip nourishing cream. If the hair is not enough to lighten, the procedure must be repeated after 2-3 days. If your hair is too thick, it will have to repeat the procedure several times and still result may be unsatisfactory. In this case, only help hair removal.

If the hair after lightening acquire a yellow tinge, you can try using the following composition. The aqueous solution of hydrogen peroxide, add a drop of ammonia and a little liquid soap (shaving cream) to the mixture bubbling. Such a composition is necessary to keep the skin as about 20-30 minutes, but pay attention to the reaction of the skin.

How discolor hair above the lip?
If slight tingling started before, do not expose the allotted time, and immediately wash off. It is better to repeat the process a couple of days, rather than get irritated. After the procedure, do not forget to lubricate the skin nourishing cream.

If the skin above the upper lip is very sensitive and prone to irritation, then cast her compositions with hydrogen peroxide for a long time can not. The skin turns red, more time to spend on the fight against irritation. It is better to wipe the skin with hydrogen peroxide for several days. After a while, mustache on his upper lip will be lighter and less noticeable.

From folk remedies still have a way to lighten the antennae lemon juice. The hair on the upper lip must be lubricated with lemon juice and go sunbathing on the beach or in the solarium, the hairs on the sun burn out and become invisible.

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