Cream butter and condensed milk

Cream butter and condensed milk

Modern cooking creams knows many recipes. Tea, protein, oil - any cream is good in its own way. Take, for example, cream butter and condensed milk, which, thanks to its high fat content, perfect for soaking cakes almost any cake.

Like all recipes, with butter and cream condensed milk has a basic recipes and derivatives, which differ in the amount of product formulation, addition or substitution of one or two new ingredients or the same kind of filler. In the book "Technology of preparation of flour confectionery", which knows almost by heart all the confectioners, this cream is listed as a cream, but cream in its composition does not include, as the main product for the creation of this cream is thoroughly whipped butter. But in order not to confuse the uninitiated, let us call a spade a familiar vernacular.

Cream oil with condensed milk


  • butter - 500-550 g;
  • condensed milk - 220 g;
  • powdered sugar - 250-280 g;
  • Vanilla powder - 5 g;
  • brandy or sweet wine - 2 g;
  • Output: 1000

This cream is used for bonding layers, grease the surface and sides of the cake to decorate.

To prepare the cream must be removed from the refrigerator butter and sweetened condensed milk, and wait until these products are not naturally heat up almost to room temperature. The oil is then cut into pieces and carefully whisk with a mixer until a homogeneous fluffy mass. Powdered sugar is added to the pre-condensed milk, and gradually pour in the oil, continuing his whip. The process lasts until the whipping re getting pomp and homogeneity (usually not more than ten minutes), at the end of whipping add the vanilla powder, cognac or wine.

Cream butter with condensed milk and cocoa

Cream recipe is different from the core, but after whipping the resulting mass is added about 50 g of sieved cocoa powder.

Coffee cream butter with condensed milk

Ingredients for coffee syrup:

  • sugar - 70 g;
  • roasted coffee - 5 g;
  • water - 40 g

For the preparation of the coffee syrup making coffee extract (boil for half an hour and aged coffee and water solution (1: 3), filtered through gauze), add sugar and boiled. The cooled syrup is added to the cream at the time of the infusion of condensed milk into the beaten butter.

Also, as a filler cream suitable pounded roasted nuts, jam, added to the end of the whipping and evenly distributed throughout its mass. You can prepare a cream cake from the oil with condensed milk and sour cream (a couple of tablespoons).

Cream butter with condensed milk "new"

Cream butter and condensed milk

To start to cook the syrup (sugar 2 parts per part of water), boil down to a temperature of 110 degrees, then cool to room temperature. The syrup is mixed with condensed milk (condensed milk number of take twice less than in the basic recipe) and pour into whipping butter. Next on the basic recipe.

The "New" cream can also add nuts, cocoa powder, jam.

Useful tips: do not separate the cream, whipping should be done at low speed of mixer, gradually increasing them. Also, to avoid delamination when whipping cream, use natural condensed milk, without the content of vegetable fats.

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