Sherbet - recipe

Sherbet - recipe

Sherbet is Eastern delicacy that is very fond of a sweet tooth. After all, in fact - it is jam milk sugar, to which is added a variety of nuts, raisins, candied fruits and other fillers. As the dairy base can be used as whole fat milk, and condensed milk .

Drinking moderate amounts of water ice in the body brings only benefits, due to the high content of vitamins and various essential elements.

Prepare a sweet treat at home is quite simple and it can make even the novice mistress. Simply select the right products and follow some simple guidelines that are described in detail in the recipes below.

Home sherbet with peanuts - a prescription for milk


  • milk fat content of more than 3.2% - 250 ml;
  • sugar - 700 g;
  • butter - 85 g;
  • peanuts - 200 g


To prepare the sorbet, special attention should be paid to the choice of milk. Better to take home from the market or the store are good quality and with the highest percentage of fat. Pour the milk into the enamel pot and put on a moderate fire. Pour hundred grams of sugar and stir continuously until dissolved sugar crystals. Withstands weight of sweet milk on the fire, continuing to stir, for thirty or forty minutes.

At this time, peanut fry. To do this, pour it in a dry frying pan, put on fire and kept on heat until golden brown acquisitions and easily separate skins, which subsequently must be completely cleaned each nut.

Next to a small thick-walled pan Pour the remaining one hundred grams of sugar and give it to melt completely until the caramel. Then poured it into the milk syrup, continuing to stir, and give simmer for a while. Check thickness, dropping a little mixture on a plate, and if it still spreads, boiled a little more weight.

Having achieved the desired consistency by boiling, add the butter and stir until it is completely dissolved. Then line the form of parchment, pour into it peanuts and pour the finished milk-caramel mixture. We place the dish in a cool place until complete solidification and can try.

Simple recipe sherbet with nuts condensed milk


  • condensed milk - 380 g;
  • Butter - 60 g;
  • brown sugar - 400 g;
  • honey - 70 g;
  • raisins (optional) - 60 g;
  • hazelnuts - 100 g;
  • cashew nuts - 100 g


The standard can of condensed high quality milk is poured into an enamel pan, add the brown sugar, lay the butter, put the container on fire and, stirring constantly, is heated to a boil and dissolve any sugar crystals. After that reduce the intensity of the fire to the minimum and is boiled mass, stirring occasionally, until the acquisition of a beautiful brown color and to obtain

Sherbet - recipe
nerastekayuscheysya drop.

At this time, hazelnuts and cashews fried on a dry frying pan preheated prior to the acquisition of a golden shade and if you want a little grind. Raisins horoshenechko washed and dried, spread out on a towel.

Now add in the milk syrup, honey, boiled mass for three more minutes and remove from heat. We fall asleep prepared nuts and raisins and mix this well and spread in the oiled form, if you want to lay it further with parchment paper. We reserve sherbet in the form to complete cooling and solidification, and then removed, cut into pieces and served in the bowl or on a platter.

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