Facial hair in women

Facial hair in women

Agree, facial hair in women, and especially young girls - not a pleasant sight. They deliver a lot of trouble for women, are the cause of complexes and self-doubt.

In fact, a small scalp is, on the whole body of a woman (with the exception of only the soles, palms and red edge of the lips). His face, too, is formed scalp, and if the hair with stubby, svetlenkie not rough, then there is no apparent reason for concern.

Unwanted hair is most often appear on the face above the upper lip and chin, at least in the area below the temple. In these places, the hair is usually longer and coarser. And if he is black - that with the "wealth" it is imperative to fight.

Causes of facial hair

All possible causes of this vexing problem united common origin, namely changes in the endocrine system of the body, that is, the hair on a woman's face appear due to hormones. As a rule, there are two major periods in the lives of women, which can cause the appearance of facial hair - is puberty and menopause. Less common are cases where facial hair appear during pregnancy. Another reason can serve as diseases of the genital organs, thyroid gland, adrenal glands. Well, of hereditary factors should not forget. Thus, we have found that is causes excessive facial hair in women. skin type, skin pigmentation is also a tendency to influence this process. But by itself the tendency to the appearance of unwanted hair on the body can not be the cause of their appearance, still has to take place the inner impetus, which will be "culprit."

The most difficult thing in this situation is that in any way affect this process and prevent it almost impossible. Since when the problem manifests itself, to take any measures it is too late, and only have to fight with the consequences, namely, to engage in the removal of unwanted facial hair.

How to get rid of facial hair?

Removal of excess hair on the face can be done in several ways. You can refer to a specialized salon, which involved the removal of hair by laser or the electric current. The advantages of this procedure are obvious, it gives a long lasting effect due to damage hair follicles. But this type of hair removal is not suitable for all women, and before it to decide, should consult a beautician. And, of course, the greatest disadvantage is the high cost of the procedure, therefore, despite the fact that this service is known and has long been available, it can afford not for everyone.

However, there are ways of getting rid of hair at home. They can be divided into mechanical and chemical.

First, let's talk about chemical processes. These include the use of creams for hair removal.

Facial hair in women
The advantages are painless and availability. and hair removal can be done at home by yourself. Duration of storing the result - average (greater than when using a razor, but less than hair pulling). The disadvantage in this type of hair removal is only one - it is not for everyone, and be sure to consult with a specialist.

Mechanical methods of hair removal among women face a few:

  • the use of a razor. The cheapest and fastest way. But! Hair then becomes rougher, darker and its rate of growth may increase. Restrictions on the type of skin is not;
  • use the epilator. a painful procedure, but the result lasts about 3 weeks. Restrictions on the type of skin and no;
  • waxing. Too painful process, but, as in the case of the epilator, the effect lasts up to 3 weeks. To waxing, better access to specialists, as the skin on your face is very sensitive and easily damaged.

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