Kozinaki walnuts

Kozinaki walnuts

Known to all delicacy - kozinaki that you can buy off the shelf at the grocery store comes from the Georgian culinary traditions. Kozinaki popular in Armenia and many other countries. In the Caucasus kozinaki traditionally prepared for New Year's table, but not only. Usually used for making kozinaki two main components: the chopped walnut kernels and natural honey, is also popular recipe kozinaki based peeled sunflower seeds.

In the preparation of this delicacy can be used hazelnuts, almonds and sesame seeds. In general kozinaki cooking process is as follows: chopped nuts and / or seeds poured molten honey (or sugar), stirred, and then the parent mass are formed and compressed into briquettes.

How to cook a delicious homemade kozinaki walnuts?


  • walnut kernels;
  • honey flower;
  • powdered sugar.


Kernels chop with a knife (or shred using the combine) and slightly calcined in a dry pan. Honey will not boil (some as suggested), since when heated above 70 degrees C it formed harmful substances is guaranteed. And if he is non-flowing, and the thick, what to do? There is a solution: Melt the honey in a water bath.

Mix chopped nuts with honey in the same proportion, to a thick mass. If anything, we adjust the density of powdered sugar.

Kom walnut-honey spread on a wet weight of the board (the board can prostelit dry parchment paper, greased foil or wet) and flatten it with a rolling pin or a wet spatula (you and your hands). The optimum thickness of 0.7-1.0 cm. Let cool layer to such an extent that when the mass of the slots do not stick together again in a continuous piece. Make slits with a knife, ie the reservoir is cut into rectangular pieces. Place the board with a not yet fully kozinaki frozen in the cold and wait for steady solidification. Serve with tea or coffee .

You can optionally modify this recipe is easy to prepare and kozinaki using other than the main product are as follows: any chopped nuts, steamed oatmeal, poppy seeds and sesame seeds, small pieces of dried fruit. You can also add some spices, such as saffron, cardamom, dry grated

Kozinaki walnuts
ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon or vanilla (not together). It can be in the process of melting honey add a little brandy, rum or Madeira - it will make the taste more refined kozinaki and give it additional flavors.

Those who are allergic to natural flower honey, it may be advisable to replace the honey is very thick sugar syrup (water in this syrup should be no more than 1/4 part). Sugar mass can be cooked in a pan, adding sugar with warming water before melting. Chopped nuts (and the rest) can be filled directly into the pan, stir quickly, forming a layer and cut out into small pieces.

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