Cladky popcorn at home

Cladky popcorn at home

Popcorn - popular (and not only in America) meal for use in movie theaters, or, as they say, on the go. Properly cooked popcorn even useful. What can be said about all the diverse assortment of popcorn, the proposed retail chains and movie theaters. This product may be present not useful additives, including, trans fats, preservatives, colorants and so forth.

Tell us how to make sweet popcorn at home. Sugar, of course, also nepolezen, especially at high doses, but because sometimes you want sweet, especially the popcorn, we normally do not eat every day.

Getting to search for suitable varieties of corn. Corn kernels of these varieties are well explode. It is best to choose corn for popcorn at the grocery markets, after consulting with sellers (better - with proven).

At home, you can cook popcorn in a microwave, the oven on a baking sheet or simply a large frying pan. The last method - the most primitive and the most convenient (in any case, the original inhabitants of America before Columbus prepared it like this). There are two options popcorn: with or without oil. Because you are using natural coconut oil (which is a long almost rancid) in the classic version (with oil), it is believed that it is better to cook without oil. It is useful and will.

Sweet popcorn


Grains must be clean. Preheat over low heat for a large thick-walled dry frying pan without any newfangled coatings (iron or aluminum) and fall asleep grain. They should not be too much, let alone cover the bottom in one layer. Warming up on the low heat, stirring constantly with wooden or metal spatula. As blasting remove grain and shift in ceramic bowl.

That is, we get the most useful popcorn. It is better to have it without any further manipulation.

We think about how to make better and healthier sweet popcorn. You can, of course, roast corn directly with the sugar in a pan. But still we want and it is useful. So?

There are different ways of caramelization, use the most gentle. Prepare a saturated sugar syrup: 1-1.5 parts sugar to 1 part water. To impart additional popcorn flavor, or instead can be mixed with water to use , fresh juice (0.5 parts)

Cladky popcorn at home
such as cherry or orange raspberry.

The syrup is heated to completely dissolve the sugar. Immerse it in popcorn. Remove it with a slotted spoon and spread freely on the laid thick paper (parchment better) or foil pan. You can lay out without the substrate on a clean work board. When the water evaporates, the syrup covering blown-grain, we get a sweet caramel popcorn. Pour it in a ceramic bowl or a suitable glass container and enjoy. Wash down with a good hot yerba mate, rooibos or other infusions.

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