Masks for colored hair

Masks for colored hair

Changing hair color, a woman must understand that in the future must be more careful to take care of them, as under the influence of dyes they become more dry and weak.

For colored hair more healthy and strong, masks for them have to do before and after dyeing.

Do not damage your hair when painting is possible, starting in about 3-4 weeks to prepare them for the procedure. To do this, you can do regular oil masks that nourish the hair with moisture and improve their structure. But some masters recommend not to do it immediately before staining, because after such manipulations paint will fall unevenly.

If before dyeing hair masks are optional after - are essential. Before choosing a mask, should identify hair problems:

  • excessive dryness;
  • lifelessness;
  • split ends of hair ;
  • color fading;
  • growth retardation;
  • fragility.

For dry and damaged hair colored masks can be found in such manufacturers of hair care products:

  • Hair Vita;
  • Estel;
  • Farmavita;
  • Health and Beauty;
  • Siberian Health;
  • Lee Stafford;
  • Londa;
  • Keune.

But not all women rely on the purchased masks, and do not always have the opportunity to buy them, so the traditional recipes of masks for color-treated hair is still popular.

Pets mask for colored hair

Most often used for making masks used are readily available ingredients:

  • Essential oils and simple;
  • fruit, especially citrus (lemon, orange, grapefruit);
  • dairy products ( yogurt , cheese);
  • honey;
  • eggs;
  • vitamins (in solution with the oil capsules);
  • medicinal herbs;
  • onion garlic;
  • Rye bread.

The advantage of such masks is their individuality, so you will prepare them according to the type of hair and the resulting problems:

  1. For oily hair - the juice of citrus fruits and grapes, mustard.
  2. For dry - all natural oils and vitamins A, C, E.
  3. With slow growth - herbal broth with bread.
    Masks for colored hair
  4. When hair loss and brittle - eggs (especially egg yolk) and fruits.
  5. When split ends - the oil solution of vitamin E.
  6. To preserve the color - chamomile tincture with egg.

Terms of Use Home Hair masks:

  1. To see the results make a mask for one recipe at least 8 times, but not less than 1 time per week.
  2. Masks made on the basis of oil, rinse always with a small amount of shampoo.
  3. To preserve the color, you can reduce the time of holding the mask on your hair.
  4. For better absorption of ingredients, the hair should be to wrap a towel.

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