How to make coffee in Turku?

How to make coffee in Turku?

Some people do not care what kind of coffee drink, just to somehow invigorating, was accustomed to the taste. And because they often drink coffee liquid, cheap badly blended, stale, poorly cooked, if not soluble (designed for field conditions). Sensory sensitivity is individual.

There are, however, other people - they like to present a delicious strong coffee beans, in general, for many countries and people cooking and drinking coffee - a traditional cultural ritual.

Currently, even the connoisseurs of coffee can drink quite a decent and delicious invigorating drink made in modern coffee machines, domestic advanced electric, geyser coffee makers and coffee.

We will talk about how to cook a delicious coffee turke- this method is one of the oldest and most traditional in many countries, probably the best. Turk (other nazvaniya- pots or ibrik) - a special container with handle for coffee (it is desirable to have the farm a few Turks of different sizes - at 1-2-3-4 cups).

Coffee for cooking in Turku

It is desirable that coffee brewing in Turku was quite fine grinding, although it is not a rule. The main thing - the coffee should be freshly ground. To do this, perfectly suited hand mills (including, and not factory-made) with adjustable fineness: from similar devices working part of the cutter. While you grind the coffee by hand, you are meditating in anticipation - a good start to the day, this procedure creates a working business spirit.

However, now you can simply buy a well-ground coffee in small packages. The sale is even packaging, which indicates that it is finely ground coffee to cook in Turku. It is best to prepare coffee slowly on a metal tray with sand, which is heated from below. However, in such a way to home it is not very convenient. So just prepare coffee at minimum fire.

How to make coffee in Turku?


Fill in Turku water - about 3/4 volume. Bring to a boil. We move the Turk and laying the coffee spoon. Sample calculation: 1 small spoon "with a slide" on a standard small coffee cup + 1 other spoon on the total volume. If you want, you can add sugar. We move the Turk on fire and wait until the foam rises. Then remove from heat Turk and bring down the foam stirring, after which the Turk put the bottom in a container of cold water - it is important that the bottom has been out in the cold - the temperature difference will provide a quick and correct precipitation. We make a few drops of cold water with a spoon in Turku. After 2-3 minutes, spill coffee cups and serve.

How to cook a delicious coffee in Turku?


Laying the right amount of coffee in Turku. Fill the right amount of water (if necessary, add sugar). Stir and bring to a boil, and then move the Turk from the heat and bring down the foam mixing spoon. If you want the coffee was stronger after the first repeat churning foam heat (do not do it more than 2 times, it will worsen the taste of coffee).

Next, acting in the same way as described in the recipe (see. Above). However, it is not necessary, you can immediately pour the coffee into the cup.

In recent years more and more popular recipe, when the coffee is brewed according to the first or second option, add a little cinnamon (sometimes vanilla or red pepper). Thus, the drink acquires new taste tone moreover, cinnamon promotes concentration and burning of fat. Also is sometimes added to coffee and some other spice , namely, saffron, vanilla, cardamom, ginger - better

How to make coffee in Turku?
without mixing, but the matter of individual taste preferences and fantasies.

In some countries, a cup of strong coffee is served a glass of cold water (you can squeeze into a glass of water, a few drops of lemon juice). Wash down the coffee with cold water - it is the right action, especially during the hot dry days, because the coffee helps to release fluids from the body.

Should not make coffee with milk in Turku, if you want to add to coffee milk or cream - add in a cup.

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