How to make coffee?

How to make coffee?

For many people, coffee is an inherent part of the beginning of a new day. But for most of them, the entire process of preparation of this fragrant drink is to pour in a cup of instant coffee and sugar and pour it all boiling water. And about how to properly cook natural coffee, unfortunately, many do not realize. And not because it is a complex science, which requires special skills - a person simply may not have time in the morning to ensure that brew yourself a cup of coffee.

But there are also the weekend when it is not necessary to rush anywhere, and you can relax. Then our useful tips on how to make coffee at home.

What do we need? For brewing coffee at home you will need to have a Turk cooking spoon with a long handle, coffee, sugar, and other ingredients that you plan to add to coffee. Now a few words about the coffee. Newcomers better to buy already grind the coffee, so it will be easier to navigate in what should be the correct grinding grain, if the next time you do it yourself. If you did not find this coffee, or fundamentally want to buy coffee beans, then you have to grind them before cooking. Use a coffee grinder or hand blender container. At this preparatory stage is over.

How to brew the ground coffee in Turku? Step-by-step instruction. method one

  1. The teapot is necessary to boil some water. Then Turk, which will make coffee, pour a little bit of warm boiled water.
  2. Pour in Turk-ground coffee with water. For a standard coffee cup need to pour 1.5-2 teaspoons of ground coffee without slides, but their taste preferences, consider, for someone who likes coffee stronger, while others weaker.
  3. Now pour in Turk boiled water from the kettle. The total amount of water in the Turks should be approximately equal to the volume of your cup. But at the same time, the maximum water level in Turk - is the level of its narrow space (isthmus). Please note that you need not to pour boiling water, only warm, otherwise you will spoil the drink, not even proceed directly to the cooking.
  4. Turk Put water on the fire and wait. You do not have to miss the moment when your coffee almost boils. That is still not boil, but just about. That's when you need to remove the coffee from the heat. You also need to monitor the level of foam. As soon as it starts to rise - the coffee is ready.
  5. Do not rush immediately ready to pour the drink into a cup, let it brew for a few minutes. Then, pour the coffee into a cup, add sugar to taste.

How to make coffee? Recipe second

  1. Warms Turk on fire. Not it glows and warms up only slightly - to 30-40 seconds on a small fire is enough. If you put on fire just washed Turk, which was still wet from the inside, then it warms up to complete evaporation of water.
  2. Then pour in Turk coffee. The amount is determined by you yourself, on average 1.5-2 teaspoons of ground coffee without slides.
  3. Immediately after the coffee add sugar to taste.
    How to make coffee?
  4. Lightly fry the coffee and sugar in Turku. When you notice that the sugar begins to melt and coffee sticks together, it means that you have enough of them roasted. Such roasting contributes to the formation of a good froth.
  5. Pour water. This recipe is best to use cold water, can be boiled, but it is better not boiled. The water level is again still depends on your cup size, but not above the level of the narrowest place of the Turks.
  6. Now we are waiting for the time when the foam will begin to rise, and the coffee will be close to boiling. When he arrives, remove the coffee from the heat and give him a little brew. Then pour into the cup.

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