Coffees are a huge variety, there are thousands and thousands. So often only experts can understand all the intricacies.

Which coffees are?

Grades are divided into mixed and unmixed. Mixed varieties are composed of mixtures of different ground coffee beans. They can be collected in different seasons and at various plantations, then they are mixed and crushed. The most difficult and laborious point - this mix, because it is necessary to emphasize strengths and hide weaknesses of different grains. It depends on the flavor and taste of coffee. Grade of unmixed - a coffee beans derived from one type of coffee trees. In this case, type of coffee is known as the country where the grain was collected, for example, Colombian coffee.

Recognize coffees Only true professionals. After all, not everyone will feature coffee beans grown in Colombia, Brazil and Puerto Rican plantation. These specialists are called cap-testers.

Arabica coffee varieties

The most popular type of coffee tree is Arabica. The fruits of Arabica are used to make different kinds of coffee and coffee beverage itself. Arabica coffee varieties have their own characteristics, such as their taste softer, level of caffeine content varies depending on the location of the plantation. Arabica grains harvested by hand, as the fruits are fastened throughout the year and on the same tree at the same time there are flowers, green and ripe fruit. After collection, they immediately amenable to the process of treatment - dry or wet, depending on the terrain. Modern manufacturers on the basis of the classical taste arabica coffees by adding various additives (vanilla, cinnamon, powdered, etc.) create unique shades and flavors of coffee.

Robusta coffees

Robusta Arabica slightly inferior in its taste and is the second largest in the world eat. Robusta coffees too has a specific bitter taste, which can be mitigated only by mixing it with other kinds of coffee or in the preparation of instant beverages. Robusta is very rich in caffeine and this feature is used to make special coffee strength.

Sort mocha

The most ancient varieties of coffee, which is the first time people have tried, is a sort of mocha. In taste the coffee experts attribute it to the world's best coffees. It is produced in Yemen and took its name from the Yemeni port of Mocha, which brought coffee from Ethiopia. Mocha varieties produced in small quantities, it is among the most expensive grades.

Elite coffee

Fine coffees are attracting the attention of those who are particularly feels the aroma and taste of coffee. After all of them get a special drink that is not similar to any other, it wants to try again and again.

Such coffees are very small, so they are called "elite." Their special features are stable flavor and aroma, and a limited number of high cost. Before you enjoy a gourmet coffee, it goes a long way under the watchful supervision of experts from the cultivation before roasting. One of the important tasks in the production data

coffees is to preserve the flavor and aroma without loss of quality in the delivery to the connoisseurs of high-end beverage. Therefore, suppliers pay a lot of time training their staff and at all stages of preparation of the coffee beans using only special equipment.

Coffee - one of the hottest drinks in the world, so the ability to understand the brand of coffee is considered a sign of good taste and high social status. Wealthy people should have in their expensive coffees. Kopi Luwak, Hacienda La Esmeralda, Island of St.Helena Coffee Company, Blue Mountain: So, following the most expensive coffees in the world have been named.

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