Mask of cocoa for hair

Mask of cocoa for hair

Cocoa butter - flavored natural natural substance that is widely used in cosmetology. Use cocoa hair is undeniable: it restores dry and damaged hair, softens them, fills the vitality, beneficial effect on the scalp.

The use of cocoa butter for hair

In most cases the cocoa butter used in the composition of masks that can be prepared at home. Externally, cocoa butter mind is somewhat reminiscent of conventional oil. This is a solid piece of yellow-cream color. It is best to buy the cocoa butter in cosmetic or retail stores, where you can see it and touch it.

Cocoa butter was heated in a water bath, whereby it becomes liquid. A few drops of oil can drip on the comb and comb the hair from the roots to the tips: a simple procedure for restoring hair, particularly useful in the winter.

Cocoa is used for hair growth. The mask consists of burdock oil (1 hr. Spoon), cocoa butter (0.5 tsp), yogurt (1 tablespoon) and eggs (1 egg). Such a composition is applied to the roots and left for an hour. Regular use of this natural mask prevents hair loss and stimulates their growth.

This part of the cocoa butter (1.5 h. Spoons), burdock oil and liquid vitamins A and E (1 h. Spoon) allows you to restore hair. Apply this mask once a week for an hour, and after a few applications, you will feel what became soft and shiny your hair.

Cocoa butter is suitable for massaging the scalp - it regulates the sebaceous glands, preventing pollution and fast "fat" kind of roots. What else is useful to cocoa for the hair, so that cocoa color hair. For this purpose has cocoa powder, gives hair shades from light to dark brown.

Hair coloring using cocoa
Mask of cocoa for hair

Is Cocoa hair dye? Of course, the hair coloring begins with cocoa powder. It can be used as a cosmetic, and food embodiment. The easiest way - is to mix an equal amount of shampoo and cocoa powder and wash your head with this mixture, leaving a short time on the hair. For more saturated shades of time should be increased for a lighter tone - to reduce.

Another well-known way to paint the hair of cocoa - is to make a mixture of cocoa and henna. On henna pack should take 5-7 tablespoons of cocoa. This mixture is used according to the instructions on the package of henna, it is not only the color and give a warm shade of hair, but also nourish their nutrients from the roots to the tips.

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