Green tea with ginger

Green tea with ginger

Green tea is becoming more popular in recent years, especially for those who care about their health, harmony and longevity. The fact that green tea is much more useful than black, for example, no one in doubt. There are many varieties of green tea, China and other countries, they are harvested and processed, following various traditional and prevailing technology. Everyone can choose their preferred varieties and enjoy the flavor variety.

Green tea is good in hot weather thirst quencher. And on cold days green tea is better to cook with ginger, fresh, or, in extreme cases, dry ground, this drink not only gives vivacity, but also perfectly warms.

Green tea with ginger - Recipe


  • Good green tea - 2-3 teaspoons with a "slide" or not;
  • Fresh ginger root - 1 pc. medium size;
  • the water is clear - about 250-300 ml.


Brewing tea is best in traditional ceramic teapot (although, if necessary, you can use other dishes, such as glass, not plastic or metal). Green tea is usually brewed just begins to boil the water, when the first bubble (a state of the water is called "white-key"). In any case, the optimum temperature for brewing green teas - from 80 to 90 ° C, better 80 ° closer to the C. Currently producing electric kettles, shall communicate the water to the desired temperature, they are very convenient.

Rinsed ceramic teapot poaching water, lay in his tea with peeled and crushed (chopped with a knife) spine fresh ginger. Fill the poaching water to 2/3 volume and 3/4 (Vietnamese version of a full kettle at once). 3-5 minutes later topped up with water to a total volume. We are waiting for another 3 minutes, pour into a bowl from the kettle and pour some tea back into the teapot. You can repeat this step 2-3 times. We are waiting for a few more minutes, pour tea into cups or bowls to 2/3 volume and drink, warm, enjoy, meditate. After drinking tea first brew makes sense to make it

Green tea with ginger
in the second and possibly a third time, but not later than 2 hours from the first welding. If you keep longer in the tea will be generated extremely useful for the human body substances. By the way, when fill in water for a second, and even more so, for the third welding, does not necessarily fill kettle to full volume.

You can add in a bowl or a cup of green tea with ginger lemon wedge, and who want sweet - honey. Of course, tea piala should not be hot, warm and only as honey, when dissolved in hot water forms a harmful compound.

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