White tea

White tea

Of all the varieties of tea one of the most valuable and expensive white tea is considered to be the glory of this wonderful drink is not only exquisite taste and aroma -. White tea also has unique properties. This longevity drink, health elixir tea, which for centuries was applied only to the emperor's table.

white tea Homeland - the mountains of China's Fujian province. Such varieties are grown in Sri Lanka and the Nilgiri province. But despite the similarities, white Chinese tea, and far superior in quality and properties of white tea, grown in other regions.

Properties of white tea

Unlike other teas, white tea is subjected to the least processing, whereby all useful substances, and palatability. This beverage contains a large amount of vitamins, amino acids and trace elements. It improves the immune system, normalizes blood pressure, cleans the internal organs, detoxifies. Furthermore, to effectively fight free radicals, ie, it slows down the aging process. Cosmetic companies are actively using white tea extract, to achieve a rejuvenating and restorative effects of its products.

White tea is a powerful way to prevent the development of cancer and heart disease. In recent studies, it was found that white tea promote active combustion internal body fat. A content of the white tea and caffeine fineness significantly lower than other grades, so its taste and aroma is much thinner.

Brewing White Tea?

In the process of preparation of white tea plays an important role water quality. It should be soft, well-cleaned, have no taste or smell. The water temperature should be about 65 degrees, in any case, not boiling, otherwise lost, and the taste and medicinal properties.

Since white tea has come to us from China, it is best to use traditional methods of brewing, allowing to reveal all the quality of the drink to the full. The most common way of drinking tea Pin Cha - requires a bit of attributes, allowing you to enjoy the authentic taste and aroma.

First time white tea is brewed for 5 minutes, with repeated brewing for 2-3 minutes. The tea can be brewed 3-4 times.

Note that in the preparation of white tea utensils should not have any smell, otherwise it would kill the delicate flavor. After the tea party is not in a hurry to pour out the tea leaves - use it as a means of skin care products, brew again and wiping the face to receive infusion.

Features white Chinese tea

Processing of tea saved soft white fluff on the leaves and buds, so called white tea. Leaves, unlike other varieties are not twisted, since the processed natural methods (shadow solar-fermentation) and slightly dried in an oven. For white teas are collected only the young buds and the top two leaves. For premium Bai Hao Yin Zhen taken only the best kidney. Bai Mudan consists of the kidneys, and the second sheet. Shou Mei is produced from the remaining raw materials are not suitable for the first two grades.

White tea is very difficult to store and transport. Therefore, this white tea, you will not find in the original packaging, mostly leaves pressed into pancakes. Sometimes they rolled with lily flowers and jasmine, but in this case the tea loses its flavor and aroma. This white tea can only be purchased in tea shops, at the same time pay attention to the integrity of the leaves, their color (pale green with white fluff). Very often, for white tea are trying to give the green.

Keep the tea should be in a sealed ceramic containers. Be sure to keep in mind that white tea quickly absorbs all smells.

Delicate aroma and taste of white tea can only assess the real foodie, so if you are not a special judge, the tasting of white tea is better prepared, sipping good varieties of green tea.

White tea
Also important is the ceremony of tea - white tea drink alone, not biting sweets, enjoying extremely natural taste.

It's funny that this white tea could not afford even the dignitaries, he was considered the imperial drink. And the poor people called white tea conventional hot water, there was even a saying - dozhilsya that offers white tea treats. Nowadays, white tea can enjoy not only the emperors, and yet it remains very expensive drink, since no modern technology is not able to influence the acceleration and simplification of the production of this healing elixir of youth and health.

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