Cherry kvass

Cherry kvass

Kvass - a traditional Slavic refreshing and thirst quenching intoxicating drink, obtained as a result of unfinished alcoholic and lactic acid fermentation of the original wort (the proportion of ethanol is not more than 2.2%). The composition of the original wort for making kvass can include cereal flour, rye crackers , malt (wheat or barley), in kvass also add natural flower honey (currently it is sometimes replaced with sugar), raisins and various fragrant herbs. Kvasses can also be done based on fruits and berries (both with breadcrumbs and / or malt, and without them).

Tell us how to prepare cherry brew with honey, this drink in the season just wonderful. Cherry pick a juicy and ripe.

Cherry brew with honey


  • Fresh cherries - 1 kg;
  • water (filtered or boiled) - 2 liters;
  • honey (or sugar) - 150-200 g;
  • raisins - 50 g of fresh yeast or compressed - about 3-5 g


Cherries (without stalks) wash out and lay in a 3-liter bottle. Cherries must be crushed (you can for one, simply pull out their bones or crush with seeds directly in the bottle). Water podogreem, but we will not boil - or lose vitamin C, which in a lot of cherries. Other nutrients (honey, pectin, fruit acids, and others.) Under the action of boiling water too can degrade to form harmful compounds. Therefore, the water temperature when pouring cherries should be no higher than 40 degrees C.

Add honey and yeast or unsteamed raisins (on its surface bound to have fungal organisms that provide zabrazhivanie). If you use sugar instead of honey, water may be hot - 70-80 degrees C. Throat bottles tying the gauze, folded in half. Put the bottle with the wort in a warm place (on the glazed veranda, in the loggia). Fermentation should start at 2-3 day (if not started, fill in yeast). After 4-5 days you can filter brew bottling cool and enjoy. On the 8-15 day of storage in a cool place kvass will reach a maximum fortress. If the finished brew is poured into bottles, which can be

Cherry kvass
cork tightly (tighten as champagne, wire or use plastic bottles), kvass get fizzy.

In a mug of kvass can put fresh mint leaves - this addition will give the drink more flavor and aroma nuances.

Of course, the cherry kvass can be prepared using other recipes, get creative.

Instead of yeast and / or can be added domestic raisins rye bread crumbs (no more than 100g per 3 liters) and some fresh hops cones (5.3 to 3 L).

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