Grape juice at home

Grape juice at home

Grapes and, accordingly, the juice out of it is valuable primarily to the presence of easily digestible fruit sugars - glucose and fructose, which provide food for the brain. Furthermore, grapes, because it contained the enzymes work well on the gastrointestinal tract. Grapes are many organic acids, vitamins B, B1, C and E, as well as large amounts of potassium, necessary for the operation of the heart muscle, iron, calcium and magnesium.

Juice of bright grapes contains more iron and well increases hemoglobin. Grape juice compared with other high-calorie much as it contains large amounts of carbohydrates. Grapes and juice from it is shown at a variety of diseases: hypertension, vascular disease, kidney disease, liver, respiratory tract, in violation of the metabolic processes in the body.

The use of grape juice helps to cleanse the body complex: improves the function of the gastrointestinal tract, liver, lungs. The juice from dark grapes help prevent the development of cancer (such as breast cancer in women). It is useful to give a natural grape juice for children and post-operative patients to restore and improve the general condition.

Undoubtedly, the most useful thing just squeezed juice. It retains all the vitamins and trace elements. Recipe homemade grape juice is very simple: the ripe grapes washed under running water, separate the berries and squeeze under pressure. Then you need to filter out the juice, and the remaining cake can be used in the preparation of stewed fruit, or mousses.

Naturally, the juice begins to ferment quickly, so it makes sense to learn the preservation of grape juice for the winter at home. The only difficulty in the preparation of large quantities of grape juice at home - you need the press, juicer in this case is not suitable, since it is a grind seeds and juice flavor will be spoiled, or just clogged. To learn how to cook canned grape juice at home and will be discussed in today's article.

Homemade grape juice


  • grapes.


Bunches of grapes entirely wash in cold running water, remove the spoiled fruit. From grape squeeze juice with the help of the press. Pressed juice into an enamel or stainless cookware leave overnight in a cool place that sank to the bottom sediment. The pooled juice in the morning pour into another bowl through a section of garden hose clean, as if to merge over the edge, the sediment will rise again. We bring the juice to a boil and boil for another 15 minutes, removing the foam.

Sterilizing jars in the usual way, pour the juice and rolls sterilized lids. Overturn the jars upside down, wrap up and give to cool completely. Then transfer the jars to store in a dark cool place. Month 2 juice should be a little lighter.

Grape juice at home

Sugar is not added, as the grape itself is quite sweet, but if you think sour juice, sugar can be added to taste, when you open the jar. If proved to be highly concentrated juice, it can be diluted with water.

Grape juice good to drink on an empty stomach, before taking write, and after drinking juice do not forget to rinse the mouth with water, because the fruit acids contained in grapes may contribute to the development of caries.

And if you have left after the grape juicing, then from it we can make marmalade - a tasty treat for the children.

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